10 Businesses You Can Start With ₦100,000

10 Businesses You Can Start With N100,000
Starting a business is sometimes a hard task especially when the capital is not available. In a case where you don't want go for a loan and you have only 100,00 in your account, you'll need to think of he best type of business to engage in with the little capital to bring you maximum profit.
In today's article, we'll be sharing some businesses you can start in Nigeria with a little capital of N100,000 and still make a good profit from them at the end of a season.
To be honest with you, there are many good business opportunities available for Nigerians, the only difference is the choice of the individual and the capital available.

Top 10 Business Ideas You Can Start With ₦100,000

The business ideas listed below are not the best, in fact there are no best business ideas. It is all left to you to choose a one that you can do better depending on your location and the season.

- Fairly Used Goods

The sales of fairly used goods is a lucrative business that people engage in. Goods like tops, t-shirts, jeans, shoes and face caps can all be gotten old as fairly used goods. Although ₦100,000 might not be able to get you a bale of clothes, you can select from an opened bale and still get a good amount of clothes. All you need to run this business is a good marketing strategy, wash and iron clothes very well before displaying them for sales and you'll see people pricing your wares as if they are in a boutique.

- Snail Farming

This is another lucrative business you can start with a little capital. All you need is to get a cool place, a fertile soil would be the best. Then construct the structure that the snails would be staying on, and then plan the food.
It is a kind of business that you can even start i your backyard. However, snails take up to a year to mature so you need to be patient with them.

- Pop-Corn Business

Pop-corn business is very lucrative, and it requires a little capital. Items you need to set it up include a show-glass (for displaying the snack), a gas cooker or any other source of fuel, the corn, sugar, oil, sugar, salt, butter and milk.
Let me share a little secret, if you want people to patronize you well, it'll be better if you put your milk and butter in a transparent container and keep it in an open place. A place your customers and passer-by will always see them. It helps attract sales.

- E-Payments and POS Business

If you stay in an area like Mgbidi in Imo State that has only one ATM (MainStreet) with the nearest ATM at Awo Omamma (First Bank) this will be a good type of business for you.
All you need to do is to purchase a Point-Of-Sale machine from your bank at a cheap rate. Then people will be paying you commissions to withdraw or pay in cash from the machine.
The one at Imo State University, I pay ₦50 for every 1,000 I withdraw and whenever I go to the place to withdraw I see people in queue, imagine the gain they'll be making there.

- Baking and Selling of Snacks

Have you ever thought of these? If no then you need to do that now. You can make snacks like buns, doughnuts, fish-roll, egg-rolls, shawarmas and others.
However, you'll need to go to a catering school in order to be perfect with this. The only thing your customers need is quality and I bet you'll start getting re-occurring customers.
InfoGuideAfrica.com interviewed Smith, a graduate of Nutrition and Dietetics Imo State University who is into baking and selling of snack and he confirmed how lucrative the business is.

- Mobile Phone Accessories

You can buy ear-pieces, phone chargers, power-banks, headsets, and phone batteries and sell them to consumers in retail prices.
All these accessories do well in areas occupied by students and youths and you can generate a lot of sales from these areas.
To be successful with this, you need to be an honest person. Nobody will like to purchase a good from someone with bad reputations.

- Soap Production and Sales

This is becoming so popular in Nigeria and it's worth being included in this list. You can learn how to make disinfectants, soaps, detergents, liquid soaps and more and sell them to the consumers.
With the lowest capital, you can successfully begin and engage in this and still make your profit.

- Frying and Selling of Akara

We have previously discussed how you can become a millionaire from selling akara in Nigeria. Selling of akara is a lucrative business that many people over-look.
It is a business that many people don't engage in but demand and consumption is high. One good thing akara business is that it doesn't require much training and the profit comes in a short period of time.
Please visit this page to learn more on how you can become successful by frying and selling akara in your area.

- Tutorial Services

This is another well-paying job, whether you practice it as a part-time or full-time job. Many parents are willing to spend as much as possible to make sure their children come out with the best success academically.
You can teach courses like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Further Mathematics or even Biology depending on your specialty. All you need to do is to get a small hall, it can even be a school. You'll meet the proprietor and negotiate with him, after the days classes, you'll use the classrooms for teaching your students.

- Internet Services

You might say that mobile phones and gadgets are now easily accessible by people, but do you know that many Nigerian families still don't have a printer in their homes?
You can start a business center for creation and checking of emails, checking and printing of results, photocopying of documents, lamination and so many more.
The list is uncountable. All you need is a good system, a printer, photocopying machine, ISP and other basic things and you are good to go.

With these listed items, you'll see that there are many available business opportunities for one to choose from. Draw a map, choose from the best you know will be best in your area.
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