10 QUICK Facts You Must Know About The Psquare Twins

10 Quick Facts About Them You MUST Know About Psquare

You cannot talk about the Nigerian music industry without mentioning the twin duo - Peter and Paul Okoye better known as Psquare.
It's true that they have split, but we still know them as our Psquare. With Peter standing out as Mr P and Paul standing out as Rudeboy, we didn't see it as a work differentiating their talents anymore.
The two of them are good, and as they turn 37 today, we want to see 10 quick facts about the Psquare twins you might never have known.

10 Quick Facts About The Psquare Duo You May Want To Know

Having started music as far back as 2001 at the age of 20, Mr P and his twin, Rudeboy have really made a name in the industry. Having split into different parties for some issues better linked to their family, we no doubt are missing the 'Temptation' and 'Testimony' flavor we have always known them with.
That going by the way, here are 10 quick facts you may want to know about your favorite twin singers Peter and Paul.
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- They were born in Jos, Nigeria on the 18th of November, 1981

Peter and Paul were born in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria on the 18th of November 1981 but hail from Ifite, Dunukobia Local Government Area, Anambra State. They had their education in Jos too. Having attended the St. Murumba secondary school, a small catholic school in Jos, they proceeded to University of Abuja to study Business Administration in 1991.

- Peter has more social media fans while Paul gets the better reach on his music

Maybe you didn't know, Peter has more social media fans than Paul, but Paul's music get better reach. Maybe it's this way because Peter spends more time in the gym building his body, and is more active. Social media followers counts are for the stats anyway, they really don't matter more than the money.

- Peter is more of a dancer while Paul is more of a singer

This doesn't mean that Paul cannot dance or Peter cannot sing, but if we were to rate, Paul sings better than Peter, while Peter dances better. We love them both for what they do best. I'm more of a music fan, but I have friends who burn their mb on dance videos.

- They have used many names before adopting Psquare

Before choosing the name Psquare, they had previously used names like Double P, Da Pees, P & P. Maybe you can tell that the last is better, but now they go by names Rudeboy and Mr P.

- They have a total of 6 studio albums

With a lot of music to their credit, Peter and Paul have 6 studio albums to their credit.
They include:
- Last night (2003)
- Get Squared (2005)
- Game Over (2007)
- Danger (2009)
- The Invasion (2011)
- Double Trouble (2014)
- Their best selling album sold 8 million copies worldwide
In 2007, the twins released their album,'Game Over' and it was really a boom. Having sold about 8 million copies worldwide, successful would really be an understatement in the rating of its performances.

- They are both married with kids

The Psquare twins are both married with kids. Peter (Mr P) is married to girlfriend, Titilola Loretta Omotayo, a marketing representative and they have two kids, Cameron and Aliona.
Paul is married to Anita Isama and they have a son, Andre with a set of twins - Nathan and Nadia.

- Peter is the elder of the twins

Maybe you didn't know, Mr P is the eldest of the twin. Can't differentiate them yet? My P is the half of the twins who doesn't plait his hair. He is also an Olympic milk ambassador.

- Their house, Square Ville was owned by Rudeboy and Jude alone

The magnificent mansion which they used in their 'Testimony' video has always been thought to be owned by the duo, but in the midst of their issues in 2017, it was revealed that the house was never owned by the twins, but Rudeboy and Jude. It was also placed for sale same 2017.
However according to a report by InformationNG.com, the twin singers acquired a private jet from an undisclosed Arabian the same 2017.

- They are the richest twin entertainers in Africa

Nigeria has produced a lot of world class entertainers, and Peter and Paul Okoye are among them. With an estimated net worth of around $150 million, the duo still stand out as Nigeria's richest entertainers.

What's more? What did we miss? You can drop them as a comment and don't forget to wish them happy birthday. We all love them, they deserve the best!
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