How To Create An Instagram-Worthy Living Room

How to create an Instagram-worthy living room
Having a visually stunning living room is the goal of many homeowners. You want to be able to show off your taste to your visiting friends and family, and spend time in a room that you enjoy.
But some of us have bigger goals for their decor – some people want to share their living room on Instagram

Creating a room that is photogenic starts with choosing some gorgeous couch covers that match your colour palette and overall look. You can build up from these by including accessories that complement your colour scheme as well as good lighting. Not sure where to start on your Instagram-worthy decorating journey? Read on below for some top tips. 

- Start with the basics

To make your living room the envy of every social media star, you will need to start with some basics. Think carefully about your concept, such as opting for a modern look or building an eclectic space, then think of a colour scheme to suit this. 

The next step is to think about the complementary elements that will enhance the space and bring your concept to life. For example, if you enjoy colour, start with a base colour for your walls, such as a pastel pink. You can also bring in objects in colours that will work well with this such as looking for mustard yellow couch covers available for sale in Johannesburg or bright teal cushions. A textured fabric couch in a neutral hue will work well with any colour scheme. Working from a concept upward is a sure-fire way to ensure beautiful Instagram photographs. 

- Keep it clean

Once you have thought of your concept and colour scheme, you will need to clean up the room and clear out the clutter. If you have children or pets, buy yourself some couch covers from Gauteng or surrounds to help keep them clean and stain free. Be sure to look for ones that will match your colour scheme rather than clash with it. 

If you have a coffee table with magazines on one of the shelves, be sure to neaten these up to reduce a cluttered look. Wipe the surface of the coffee table to remove all coffee mug ring stains and remove unnecessary clutter off of it. Your TV stand should be dusted and your carpets or tiles should be vacuumed and free of dirt. If you have any wall art hanging, be sure to wipe the glass of the frame and ensure that it is straight and level on the wall. A glass coffee table is easy to clean, so invest in one for your living room. 

- Bring in some mirrors

You might not think of hanging mirrors in your living room, but they can be a fantastic interior design tool. It is important to consider what the mirror will be reflecting when you are hanging it, as this will make a big difference to your photographs and to the aesthetic of the room overall. 

You can set it at a height so that it reflects a hanging lamp or chandelier, or place a cluster of small mirrors so that they reflect a vase of flowers. This removes the possibility of having an empty space in the room, where a mirror is simply reflecting a blank wall. If you hang a mirror with a unique frame in your living room that reflects your chandelier, your next Instagram post will be the talk of the town. You will need to ensure the mirror glass is clean and sparkling for ultimate elegance. 

- Focus on a feature wall

In order to really tie your living room together, you should create a feature wall behind your main couch. This way you will have the perfect backdrop for your Instagram posts and your living room will look chic and on-trend. 

To create a feature wall, start with a base colour that you love or one that will match the concept you created earlier. If you want a rich, elegant room you could choose to paint the wall in a deep teal and hang art in gilded frames in small clusters. Or, if you would like a minimalist look, paint your wall in a bright white and use pastel-hued posters to bring in visual interest. Having a point to focus on for photographs makes them look more professional, and your living room will feel more cohesive. 

- Personalise it

Following interior design advice is always worthwhile when decorating your house. But you must remember to personalise it to suit your taste rather than simply creating a well-put-together but bland room. Hanging some of your favourite art or old photographs should do the trick and is free and easy to do. 

Once you have created your concept, you can build on this and add quirky touches that will set your living room aside from the rest of the house. And this will make it the perfect setting for an Instagram photo shoot. Remember to keep the room clean and clutter free for a professional aesthetic and always focus on a feature wall or have a focal point so that the room feels cohesive.
You can also add a brown or gray color table runner and Spandex Chair Covers to your furniture to add some rustic vibes.
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