7 Types Of Advertising That Every Business Owner Should Know

7 Types Of Advertising That Every Business Owner Should Know

Advertisements are one of the best marketing strategies any brand can use to generate sales. It helps to put businesses in the faces of new customers and old customers that might have forgotten about your existence.
Every good brand on Earth has hundreds of competitors in a competition of winning the customers. Brands like Coca Cola and Indomie still spend millions annually on advertisements annually irrespective of how popular they are already. The same goes to Jumia, Konga and the rest of the eCommerce stores who even go as far as paying affiliates commissions for promoting their products. If you have a product that you'd like to advertise, you might want to know the major types of advertising methods, techniques and strategies available before choosing the best for your business.

Types of Advertising

There are many pdf and ppt files online teaching the types of advertising media so we'll share a summary of the available methods. The goal of every business owner that is running an advertising campaign is to generate profit at the end of each campaign. There are many advertising options for every business but not all types of advertising produce the same result for different brands.
The different kinds of advertising are:

- Directories

A business directory is a printed listing of information or a website that categorises and lists businesses based on their niches, activity, location and/or size. One benefit of making use of the directories is that thy have a very targeted audience.
For someone to visit a director, he or she has decided to buy the product and only wants to know the best one available. There are the print and online directories but it's better to go for the online ones because of flexibility. In case you change your business name, telephone number or address editing them in the directories won't be an issue.

- Magazine

Magazines are periodical publications that can either be printed or electronically published. Advertising in a magazine can help you reach your target audience easily and quickly. If you are a fashion designer, you can advertise on magazines that are related to your niche. This also applies to all other niches like cooking, entertainment, business, sports and what have you.
The readers of the magazine are your potential customers and tend to keep the magazines for longer times while reading them at their leisure.

- Newspaper

Advertising in a newspaper can help you reach a local audience easily at an affordable rate. Your choice of newspaper depends on your business size, some newspapers only circulate in a particular area while some have the possibility of being distributed nation wide.
Most newspapers are being published on daily basis so advertising there can to an extent, help you to generate rapid sales. To get the best results, you can consider advertising in your local newspapers and state/metropolitan newspapers.

- Online

The internet world has made advertisements so effective and affordable to brands.With as low as $5 you can reach up to 1,000 or more people online. There are many wonderful benefits of online advertising and marketing and affordability is just one of them.
Even if your business is not web-based, having a website for it an in no little way help your customers to contact you whenever the need arises. To generate sales from online advertisements, you can run social media ads, blog and forum ads, search engine ads and more. You can see more on 10+ amazing places to advertise your products online in Nigeria.

- Outdoor and transit

There are many outdoor and transit billboards in the major cities that you will even see some without adverts at some points. Advertising on these billboards can skyrocket your business if done in busy places with catchy, well-explanatory graphic designs. The vehicles are not excluded in this, different cars, buses and tricycles display adverts to their passengers and believe me, they work.
One key you can apply if you want to achieve success in this type of advertising is to keep your texts little, remember no one can really settle to read a whole lot in a busy city.

- Radio

Advertising on radio channels will be a great way of reaching your audience if they listen to a particular channel. Every radio channel is loved for something, some are good in news while some are good in music so you should consider that too.
Repetition will help you achieve success in radio advertisement because people tend to remember somethings after haring them for a couple of times. You can also convert your adverts to songs to enable your potential customers have something that will attract them into listening to your ad.

- Television

 Television adverts are also very nice but expensive. They are sold in slots and prices vary with time, program, size of audience and time of the day. TV ads have an advantage over the radio ads because your customers will tend to remember the visuals more than sounds. TV ads will be great for your business if you'd want to show to your audience how your product works.

You can also click for promotional imprints for other advertisement options.

Adverts are very necessary for the growth of every business and should never be overlooked. Whether you're launching a new product or service or encouraging new customers to buy an existing product, running ads will help you achieve just that. The type of advertising you should choose depends on your business and it should also reflect the right environment for your product or service.
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