Benefits Of Online Advertising And Marketing

Benefits Of Online Advertising And Marketing
As at July 3, 2018, internet users in Nigeria were a wooping 103 million.
That was a significant increase as to the 98.3 million users we had in December, 2017. The internet is here to stay and no matter your business, you need to tap from this. Earlier on InfoGuideAfrica.com, we had published a post on how you can advertise your products for free in Nigeria. Some of the best free traffic sources we had listed out were all web-based and that is why you shoun't ever overlook the broad opportunities and unlimited audience on the World Wide Web.
There are so many advantages and disadvantages of internet advertising, but today we will be discussing only the benefits of online advertising and marketing. The disadvantages of online advertising will be for another day.
Aside being cost effective, the advantages of multimedia in advertising are also so many. The advantages of internet media range from an unlimited audience to a greater conversion rates and more.
We will see them below.

Advantages Of Online Advertising In Nigeria

Imagine reaching out to 103 million users, you will be a millionaire in three days, but I'm just kidding though. It is not so possible, but it might actually be. These 103 million users are all spread out to the social media websites, video streaming sites, gaming sites, blogs, betting sites, porn sites, job boards and so many more. If you can invest so much money in all these, how many people can you reach?
Facebook users in Nigeria - 26 million
Whatsapp users in Nigeria - 6 million
Instagram users in Nigeria - 3.6 million
Google - 30 million
(All stats are gotten from other blogs and unverified, please verify before usage).
The above stats are for the top sites, now what about other top blogs and sites? Quora, Wikipedia, WikiHow, Fiverr, Goal.com, Blogger, CNN, BBC, Aljazeera, Amazon, Payoneer and other top sites all have huge Nigerian audience.
Advertising on all these sites means you can actually reach at least 90% of your targeted audience, so if you can actually afford the ads, you can reach almost the whole Nigerians.
Some other advantages include:

- They are affordable

A page on a top newspaper doesn't cost less than N1.2 million, but you can get a post on any of the Nigerian top blogs at only N40,000, depending. The posts stay for life on the blog, and can be read even after 10 years but on the newspaper, in most cases no one purchases old papers, which means anybody you couldn't reach that day has been left out.
Billboards and posters are not so affordable too, radio and television ads cost so much too. Presently, the most affordable way to reach your target audience is the internet. Male or female, young or old, you can reach them very well online.

- They are well targeted

You can reach the exact people you want to. I remember when I wanted to run an add for an affiliate program, and it had to do with a domain name so I went straight to one of the top forums and advertised it on the webmaster's section.
If you're an automobile company, you can simply walk up to any of the automobile websites in the targeted audience and place your ads there. It's same with cooking and other niches, product like Maggi, Royco, Onga and Indo-mie would only advertise on cooking blogs.
Aside that, some big websites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram allow you to select who will see your ads. You can make your selections by sex, age, interests and demographics.

- They reach more people

With the stats above, you don't need any more conviction to know that they reach more people. Not everyone watches television, and not everyone listens to radio and purchases newspapers, I can't remember when last I patronized a news vendor.
However, everyone uses the internet, or at least more audience than you can consume. Young or old, male or female, African or non-African, you can make them all see your ads.
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