How To Start A Nursery And Primary School In Nigeria

How To Start A Nursery And Primary School In Nigeria
All parents want the best education for their wards and to fulfill that,they try their best in sending them to the best schools.
Starting a primary or secondary school is basically one of the best things an individual will be doing for any nation. With the increase in the population of Nigeria and Africa as a whole, the need for more schools have rapidly increased and proprietors are grabbing the opportunity of creating lifetime streams of income.
In Nigeria and many other African countries, many of the schools made available by the government are in poor states.
How To Start A Nursery And Primary School In Nigeria
The poor state of Nigerian public schools
This has drawn a significant line between the private schools and the government owned public schools. Enlightened parents are concerned about giving their wards the best education they can afford.

How To Start A Nursery And Primary School In Nigeria

Due to the importance of education to our individual lives and the country at large, there is a great need for more nursery, primary and secondary schools. The nursery and primary school business is very profitable and school fees varies with location and size of the school. Some schools charge as low as ₦10,000 per pupil for a term while some charge as high as ₦500,000.
Your school fees will be determined by the quality of education you relay to your pupils. Though all schools use the same scheme of work, factors like building structures and qualifications of the staff tend to affect the kind of parents that are attracted to the school.
Assuming you charge a student ₦10,000  for a term and have 500 pupils, you'll be making ₦5,000,000 per term. After paying calculating the expenses utilized in paying your staff and running other things in the school, you'll be amazed at how much profit you'll be making per term.
This is to show you how profitable school business is, well if you are interested in starting one, follow the steps below:

- Acquire a land in a good area

Some people build their schools on leased plots of land but I don't fully support that. If you're really interested in starting a standard school, acquiring a land will be preferable. The land should be located in a residential area so people won't find it hard getting their wards to the school.
The location of the school really matters, if it's a nursery or primary school, it should be located in an easily accessible area unless you'll make provisions for dormitories. Boarding nursery and primary schools are not common in Nigeria as parents prefer raising their wards until a particular age.

- Build the school

The structure of the school really matters as it's the first impression a parent will have about any school. A good nursery and primary school should have a spacious classroom, a playground, library and a computer lab.
Packaging is very important, try hiring the services of a good architect that will come up with the great plan.

- Get the necessary equipment

After the school structure, parents also inspect the equipment available in the school itself. Make the classroom to the best standard with all the basic tools and equipment.
Make the school environment conducive for learning with different gadgets, toys, computers and enough illustrative objects. Another great secret is your school bus, it advertises your school when you're not there.

- Go for the best teachers

No parent would want his or her wards to be tutored by an inexperienced teacher. Go for the best intelligent, smart and vibrant teachers. You might even have to pay more to get what you want but believe me, it's worth investing in.

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A good teacher will go a long way in crating a good image for your school. Do you know that children know when their teachers are inexperienced? Well they do and always give their parents feedback after school hours.

- Register your school with the Corporate Affair Commission

This is another important step in running a school that every proprietor must do. For your school to be recognized in any start you need to register it with the Corporate Affair Commission (CAC). This will enable you to take external examinations like WAEC and NECO.

Requirements for registering a nursery and primary school with the Corporate Affair Commission (CAC)

The requirements and steps for registering your school with the Corporate Affair Commission (CAC) are as follows:
- Go to the nearest CAC office and register the name of your school
- You'll be given a form to fill, input your correct data and the name of the proposed business
- You'll pay a fee of ₦500 and wait for 2 weeks for the name to be checked. If the name you chose is still available, you'll get an approval but in a different case,you'll have to pay another ₦500 for another cycle.
- Immediately after approval, you'll be given a form to fill. The following information will be required:
  – Your approved business name
  – Business address
  – Name(s) of business owner(s)
  – Two passport photographs of business owner(s)
- After successfully filling and submitting the form, you'll have pay a fee of ₦4,000 and then wait for two to four weeks for a reply.

You'll get a reply from the CAC notifying you of the progress of your submission. The certificate of business name registration will be given to you and it'll stand as a proof that your business has been legitimately registered in Nigeria.
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