Ways To Grow Your Current Email List With Instagram By Your Side

Ways To Grow Your Current Email List With Instagram By Your Side
Growing business with Instagram is not limited to just gaining followers and getting some more likes on IG.
In fact, one of the major ways for growing business using IG is by taking relationship with followers off the IG and into inbox. Even in this current age of social media, email is still one major way to establish ongoing relationship with audience. It is the most direct contact you might have with the potential customers over here. 
There are certain ways for you to build email list using IG. Let’s just know about those steps and why you need to actually make that change as well.

Whenever you send any email campaign, not everyone will be there to open the email. But at least, you have to know it. With the help of social media, mainly the new IG algorithm, you do not have any control over the number of followers who can check out your posts.
So, for leveraging IG for businesses, capturing email address of every person that come across IG feed can help in building community and grow your business ultimately.  You can always take the power of followers for Instagram to grow your email list in no time.
Since it is quite likely that the IG followers will miss some daily IG posts with the latest IG algorithm, you can send them some of the important info easily like new arrivals, upcoming product lunch and latest blog posts, straight to their inboxes. So, it is no doubt a clever way to actually strengthen the bond with your customers and never leave them behind in your growth.

Ways to grow email list with Instagram:

Having a lot of followers on the IG is no doubt great, but if you can collect the content information, you will then have power to reach out to them in whenever you want to. After saying that stuff, these days, people are mainly quite careful about whom they are actually giving their email to just for avoiding spam.
The followers are not going to just hand keys to inbox just because you have asked for that nicely. This is going to work more like an exchange and not quite a free handout.
So, what will they get after presenting you with their email IDs? For capturing precious email addresses, you might have to ensure that you are trading something that is quite ideal for the audiences and they find it valuable. There are some easy ways to grow email list with simple steps from Instagram.

- Create irresistible opt-in:
First of all, you need to think about the ideal client or customer. What can you actually offer them which will not let them think twice before handing you over their email addresses? It is primarily termed as Lead Magnet.

• Your proposition needs to be of some value, it should result to the end result that your business might be dealing with. For example, you have Ashley Alexander right from Gather and Feast, which offers free recipe e-book through her IG account. On the other hand, you have Green Blender offering somewhat similar with free smoothie detox book.

• Now, you must be wondering that your lead magnet has to be e-book only, but that is not the case. There are some other examples of free opt-ins available too. Some of those are special offer or coupon for the subscribers, challenge, mini course, free worksheet or a free download, free sample and what not!
This step is rather easy and everyone follows the same. So you do not have to be anyone exceptional in this regard. Just get in line with the best options and things will always work out right in the way you have asked for it. For some immediate help in the kinds of offerings you can make, log online and check out some of the pro IG users. Their steps might help you to sort your own out any day for sure.

- Make way to create customized landing page for the IG followers:
Once you have already decided on the free offer, you might want to create customized landing page for action to just take place. As you are asking your followers to just leave IG for signing up for something, it is your responsibility to make it rather easier as possible for them to cover it up.

• In case you are offering followers free perk but just directing them right to your home page, then they might have to search for the place to just sign in. It is enough to make them frustrated and leave your site as quickly as possible. There are high chances of you losing leads by not having a proficient landing page by your side.

• A customize form of landing page which is linked from IG bio can also help you in communicating better with message and your audience. It is mainly because you know that they are coming to that page from IG social channel. You can further lean how to drive some traffic to IG with the help of trackable link in blog post.

• By just creating that simple lending page for specified lead magnet, you can always direct followers to where they might enter their email. It comes with clear explanation of what they are about to get in return. For example, if you ever click on link in Green Blender or Gather and Feast, they will take you to their landing page first where you are mainly promoted to sign up for some free offers.

• If you want, you can further use new link-in-bio feature, which is procured from later for linking opt-in offer from multiple IG posts. When a visitor clicks on the link, they can select image where the offer is mentioned and will be taken directly to special landing page for the sign up.
Once you have all the IG followers on email list, the current possibility associated with ongoing communication through email blasts, newsletters and even sales funnel will seem endless.
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