Family Travel - 6 Key Tourist Attractions of New York’s Central Park

6 Key Tourist Attractions of New York’s Central Park
You may feel the need to spend some quality time with your family during the holidays. It goes a long way in strengthening your relationship with them.
You also get the opportunity to rejuvenate your body and mind. After all, this is one of the reasons why you took a break from the mundane lifestyle. Experts say you could consider taking them on tour to the different city. However, deciding which place to visit can be a difficult decision to make. This is because there are so many different options to choose from. Explore your information about this city with these amazing New York facts
These professionals suggest you should keep New York in your itinerary.

Why should you visit New York with your family during the vacations?

New York is one of the most important historical cities in America. Contrary to what most people believe, it is not just the financial capital of the country. It is also a very popular tourist destination. People from different parts of the world come to visit this place every year. This fact which may surprise you. This metropolis boost of many theatres, art galleries, museums, fashion centres, and famous architectural buildings. You also come across a number of well-known landmarks. These include Grand Central Terminal, Rockefeller Centre, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square and the Statue of Liberty. However, your tour of the city isn’t going to be complete unless you visit Central Park.

Why include Central Park in your itinerary?

Central Park is one of the most urban recreational gardens in the world. It covers a total of the area of 843 acres. Many people consider it to be the lungs of the city.Visiting the place gives you the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. You get the chance to relax in many of park’s ‘quietzones’ with your family members.The scenic hills, children’s playgrounds, skating rings, meadows and ball fields won’t fail to mesmerise you. You won’t feel like leaving the area. It also has a number of popular attractions. The 6 most popular ones are as follows:

1. Belvedere Castle

This is a miniature stone structure built in 1869 on the top of Vista Rock. It resembles a medieval castle. It attracts many visitors from around the globe after its renovation in 1980. From its summit, you can get a bird’s eye view of the entire city including the park. From its northern end, you get the opportunity to see Delacorte Theatre. This cultural centre holds much popular Shakespearean plays which you can see free of cost.Many popular actors and actress are known to give live performances in this place. You mayjust get a chance to meet them.

2. Central Park Zoo

This is another important reason why people from the United States and aboard visit this place. The Central Park Zoo is home to approximately 100 different species of animal life. Your family members get the chance to see snow leopards, penguins, red pandas,and polar bears. It also exhibits many different varieties of exotic birds and monkeys. These are commonly found in prominent equatorial rainforests around the world. At the entrance, you’ll notice the famous ‘Delacorte Clock.’ The structure has a number of statutes of bronze animals surrounding a unique timepiece playing nursery rhymes.

3. Strawberry Fields

Central Park bike rental experts say you should visit Strawberry Fields with your family. It is a memorial to honor John Lennon, a former member for the Beatles Group. Its mosaic pathway has an inscription of the musician’s famous 1971 song ‘Imagine.’ Vaux and Olmstead are the designers of this landscape which also features 160 species of plant life. It is one of the most popular attractions in the park.

4. Conservatory Garden

If you are looking for some peace and tranquillity, then Conservatory Garden is the place to visit. The 6-acre area has over a thousand varieties of trees and other shrubs. It is made of three distinct section exhibiting French, English and Italian influences. You can even see Walter Schott’s famous bronze statute ‘Three Dancing Maidens.’ Many people consider it a calmer place in comparison to the other areas of Central Park. It is a very popular wedding venue. Moreover, the authorities don’t permit cyclists or people on skateboards to use this section. At the main entrance is the Vanderbilt Gate made from wrought iron adjacent Fifth Avenue.

5. Loeb Boathouse

While visiting New York, you are obviously going to get hungry. In such a case, you can enjoy a scrumptious meal with your family members at Loeb Boathouse. You won’t regret taking the decision to do so. It is a beautiful restaurant on the eastern end of ‘the Lake.’Young people who are about to tie the knot choose it as their wedding venue. You can choose to dine indoors and enjoy your food in the establishment’s outdoor sitting area. You get the opportunity to see people rowing boat on calm waters while sipping coffee. You can even rent a vessel and do the same thing. 

6. The Mall

If you are in the mood to take your family members for a walk then ‘The Mall’ is the place for you. It is a long straight pathway at the southern end of Central Park. It gives you the opportunity to get away from the busy streets of this metropolitan city. Even when snow covers this entire area in the winter season, it is still an ideal place for a stroll. Along the way towards ‘Literary Walk,’ you come across statues of popular playwriters and novelists. These include Robert Burns. William Shakespeare and even Sir Walter Scott.
New York is a place worth visiting with your family members during the vacations. You’ll get the chance to enjoy some quality time with them which not possible in your daily routine. 
However, any tour of this famous metropolis has to include a trip to Central Park. It takes you one step closer to nature. Going through the above 6 popular attractions can help remove any doubts you may have. Central Park bike rental experts say you’ll regard it as money well spent. Afterall, such holidays only come once in a lifetime.

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