Ways to Follow While Selling Luxury Watches For Better Return

Ways to Follow While Selling Luxury Watches For Better Return
Selling any high end luxury watch can prove to be rather difficult in nature. Even though small, a watch is mainly a complex machine.

The more complicated it is, the more complex will be the machineries. So, any individual will have challenges while trying to sell the watch. The reputed experts are here to offer the best help.
There are different approaches to help in selling the luxurious watch. For illustrating the points, you can just assume that you are planning to sell Patek Philippe Gondolo 5098R. 

In terms of retailers or dealers:

A retailer or even a dealer is any of the brick and mortar stores, which helps in dealing with the buying and even selling of the watches.It can always include local mom and the pop jeweler all the way to some of the larger chains in your nearby localities like Mayors, Tourneau and more. 
• The pros involved with this section are convenient, ease of working, faster turnaround point and no need of recourse. Selling watch to the retailer has some of the advantages involved in this regard. The biggest one has to be the convenient factor.

• It is always proven to be rather easy and quite fast to just plug in with a dealer and visit the person face to face. As opposed to just selling to any individual, whenever you are selling watch to dealer, there is no recourse in case the watch turns out to be faulty in any possible way. It is always assumed to be sold in the way possible.

• Just like pros, there are some cons involved in this sector. Those cons are low pay outs, high sleaze factor and overhead. Retailers have this tendency to pay quite less for the watch you are about to sell. Most of the retailers will have tremendous overhead amount and must make high margin on sales for staying right in business.

• Whenever you are trying to sell watches to any retailer, you can actually pay for lavish overhead. Along with that, there is used car sleaze factor to content with while trying to sell watch to dealer or retailer. Most of you might agree that selling to retailer is one of the least attractive ways for selling watch.

• The time is going to be instant for sure. It is also a quickest way for selling watches. The fees involved are none. There are no fees, but it has been recorded that one of the largest watch retailers in the country will make around 48% on pre-owned watches. So, the watch they sell for $10k was the once they bought from you at $5200.

You can always get multiple offers from the source. It might even amaze you that differences in offers you get from the dealers or retailers. Just like planning to sell used car, there is always room available to negotiate in taking first offer. As in case with any negotiating, try to let them make the first move.

EBay for the next stop:

EBay is mainly defined as the online source, which practically needs no introduction. With millions of viewers accessing it, EBay is proven to be one largest and more reliable online auction house you could have asked for.
• The exposure proves to be the solid pro in this regard. There is practically no such better way to get proper exposure than just selling watch on EBay. It is buyer friendly in nature and makes it rather easier for the buyers to find what they are looking for. In case the buyer is actually searching for model you have posted, chances are there that they will come across watch posting.

• Now, there are some cons involved with EBay. Those are rankings, fees, recourse and now known for presenting any high end result. Even though, EBay is great place for purchasing items, it might not be great source for selling the same. In case, the seller does not have high ranking, it is less likely that the buyer might trust you enough to purchase expensive watch from your side.

• Achieving great seller ranking comes with sales on EBay, followed by successful reviews from purchasers. As a proper result, building up high seller ranking can take time and sometimes you might not have that in your side. EBay is proven to be a perfect place for selling items like iPhone but not a clever choice in terms of expensive watches. Even the potential buyers will have difficult time in spending larger increments to someone they have not known beforehand.

• If priced properly, selling a watch on EBay will take 1 to 4 weeks. There are two ways for the sellers to choose while posting any item for sale. One is “buy now” and another one is “no reserve.” The Buy Now option practically depends. The buyer can procure the item immediately. Most of the time, the item is available under Auction style.

• Under the no reserve option, the watch will be sold to highest bidder and can be listed for 1 to 10 days. Payment will be received primarily 2 weeks after start of auction. 

• Moreover, the fees remain to be 5 to 10% of the product price in the end. Depending on the history and ranking on EBay, the fee will be around 5 to 10% of final sale price. It will include listing fee, PayPal fee and sales fee.
Under the advice section, make sure to place good photos of the watch you want to sell.
You should have a high seller ranking and always try to be aware of the scams out there in the market. Taking quality pictures from multiple angles will help you a lot and this step is imperative. Potential buyer might feel the watch to be imperfect and you have to prove them wrong by placing proper pictures of the watches.
Now, selling your old watch is not that difficult at all. Just go through the options and make way for the right choice.

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