How To Minimize Data Usage In Instagram App

How To Minimize Data Usage In Instagram App
Instagram is one of the top 5 social networking sites in the world, and is very popular for its focus on videos and photos.
I have been on the site for close to four years now (I joined 2015) and just recently, I installed the app in my phone.
That was two days ago, I installed it because I felt I was missing out from a good deal of features such as the Instagram DM limited to the mobile users.

PC users can't upload photos to the social network, but I already taught how to upload photos and videos to Instagram from your PC [see that here]. 
Well, let's go back to the data story. On average, I control how much videos I stream online. I don't frequent YouTube neither do I stream videos on Netflix or any other sites. I mostly download.
After installing the IG mobile app, I became an addict...Lol! I wouldn't have complained if it weren't expensive on my side.

I normally consume 1GB of data in 2-3 days on my PC, and for my phone, it stays for close to a week. I subscribed as usual, and to my greatest surprise, it finished in less than 24 hours.
God save me! Instagram needs to do something about their videos I thought, anyways, no one tied me to the site.
So I decided to caution myself...Lol! I can't remember the last time I did that. Spending 1GB of data a day would amount to 30GB a month, and it is bleeping expensive for a Nigerian.
Here's what I needed to do:

- Uninstall Instagram

Well, this was probably the first idea to pop into my head...UNINSTALL INSTAGRAM! Then I thought, 'what about the series of dms I have?'
Maybe I would actually lose more money while saving it. Some of my clients message through IG, I never knew until I installed the app so what do I do now?

It wouldn't be the wisest action I would take probably, I forgot about that. However, if you really want to do that, then you can go on.
Hold the app until all your apps are marked X. Now click on the X on the Instagram icon.
You'll be prompted to confirm that you want to uninstall it, click yes and go on.
BOOM... IG is gone! You can now use your data for something more reasonable.

- Set an alarm for your time usage on Instagram

I set my daily time limit to 1 hour, and I hadn't even blinked when the alarm started bleeping...haha! Instagram might be the most addictive app on earth!
You can set your your alarm to be 2 hours, but imagine spending 2 hours viewing other successful people's photos and videos, you might never have the time to make it yourself.
I recommend an our or less. Below is a video on how to do that or you can watch it here.

- Set Instagram to consume less data

Maybe you didn't know, but you can actually set your Instagram to consume less data. There's an option for that on the settings page.
However there's a con to that, it may be difficult to load and you experience slower loading experiences.
It is still worth the trial. If you want to learn how to do that, please watch this video.

That's all for now. If you want to start making money from Instagram, please click here now! Before you go, don't forget to drop us a comment and share to your friends.
Thanks a lot for reading along!
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