Top 6 Benefits Of Holy Basil To The Teeth, Hair And Skin

Top 6 Benefits Of Holy Basil To The Teeth, Hair And Skin
The holy basil or Tulsi is considered a sacred herb and it belongs to the mint family also known as the ‘queen of herbs’.
It possesses powerful medicinal properties which make it a key ingredient of many popular home remedies for treating various health issues. 
For ages, people have been benefiting from basil leaves in various forms as they contain strong anti-bacteria, immune boosting, antioxidant properties. The leaves are also rich in anti-viral qualities, thus are used as home remedies.

The Holy basis has also been integral to Ayurveda, which is a 5000-year old and perhaps oldest existing alternative medicine system in the world. 
The healing properties of this herb well-documented and people trust it for treating problems like common cold, heart disease, malaria, inflammation and many more health issues.

Above all, the herb acts as an apoptogenic to help balance the different body processes and help the body get used to the taste. 
And don’t forget, the presence of this herb is considered auspicious for cultures across the world, and India is being one of them. Households here will have this plant in the backyard for spiritual reasons as the herb is believed to purify the atmosphere. 
So, benefit from the herbal goodness of holy basil and stay healthy in a natural way.   

Here are some of benefits of the holy basil to your skin, hair and teeth:-

1. Cure skin problems 

Basil leaves are very effective against a variety of skin problems and they are also good at keeping the skin healthy and disease-free. You can mix them in the water and take both to keep away skin irritation and inflammation. 
You can apply the paste on an infected skin or wash the face with it to see relief. 
Consuming the tulsi leaves can also free skins of all infections. People rub the leaves on their body to keep away mosquitoes and other insects. 
The oil prepared form holy basil leaves will work as a disinfectant and antibacterial to provide relief with skin issues. Plus, its oil is always in great demand due to its antibiotic and antifungal properties.

2. Prevent acne and pimples

Women across India trust the basil leaves for their beauty care as its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties are very effective against fighting acne and pimples
In fact, the leaves can control the outbreak of acne which is why people of all sexes use them as a powerful home remedy. There are absolutely no side effects of holy basil.

Plus, the oil of holy basis works as a great natural cleanser and helps unclog the pores and remove the dirt and impurities from the skin. 
Its anti-inflammatory qualities are trusted to soothing the pain, swelling and inflammation that pimples often cause.  The herb is also effective for the treatment of skin problem psoriasis.

3. An excellent mouth freshener and oral disinfectant 

For ages, the holy basil has been used as a mouth freshener and the trend has not subsided even today. It also works as a powerful oral disinfectant to keep away all the germs and bacterial that cause problems in the mouth.
In fact, holy basil leaves are believed to kill most of the germs and bacteria in the mouth easily. 

What’s more, the freshness and effect of tulsi can stay in the mouth for long, as much as for a full day. Dentists also recommend them for curing ulcers in the mouth. 
Studies have shown how these leaves can also prevent the growth of oral cancer caused by tobacco products. 

4. Effective for curing hair fall and dandruff

Many people know that holy basil leaves are a great natural remedy for preventing hair fall and curing dandruff. The leaves contain anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which helps in preventing scalp irritations, flaking and itchiness. 
All this can help keep the problem of dandruff in check. The basil oil reduces the dryness of the scalp and removes the accumulation of dead cell.

More so, the oil is also used to remove impurities from the scalp which helps in its nourishment. The oil also promotes hair growth and minimizes hair fall by boosting blood circulation to the scalp. 
The use of holy basil oil means providing sufficient nutrients to the hair follicles and boosting the strength of the hair shaft. Its regular massage can also keep the fair energized and healthy.  

5. Heart Disorder

The use of holy basil leaves for treating heart problems is not new. In fact, people have been trusting this amazing herb for millennia to staying healthy and Ayurveda can testify that well. 
The leaves are considered very effective in fighting against health disorders or heart diseases. Studies have show that the leaves are helpful in lowering the blood cholesterol levels and keeping the blood pressure level to the standard range. 

The holy basil has high amount of vitamin C which makes it a good herb for protecting the heart and keeping it away from the effects of free radicals. You can chew its raw leaves and keep a lot of diseases away forever. 
This herb is also good for kidney stone but it’s always better to consult the doctor before using it for that purpose. 

6. Treat teeth disorder

The holy basil leaves are used a lot in treating teeth disorders. The dried and powdered leaves are used for brushing the teeth to keep away germs and bacteria forever.
The extract of tulsi leaves can be mixed with any organic oil like coconut oil or mustard oil to use as a herbal toothpaste. This type of toothpaste can help fight bad breath and minimize risks of dental problems pyorrhoea.

You can also rub the toothpaste on the gums to prevent gum inflammation. You can chew basil leaves to kill all the germs and bacteria in the mouth. The leaves are also effective for mouth infections. 
For more serious problems, you can however consult the dentist and know tooth cavity treatment in detail. This will help you stay on top of your dental health.
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