10 Things To Do When Arrested By The Nigerian Police

10 Things To Do When Arrested By The Nigerian Police
There is a popular quote in Nigeria that says, 'The police is your friend' but in some cases, members of the Nigerian police forces exhibit behaviours that counter this quote.
According to InfoGuideNigeria.com, the Nigerian police force has been recorded as one of the worst human rights abusers. On a regular basis, we hear news of members of the Nigerian police force harassing innocent citizens and in the worst cases, even killing them.
In places like Owerri, you will see them disturbing young boys with flashy cars all in the name of fighting internet fraud or yahoo yahoo. Well, carrying out your duties as a police officer is awesome but stepping on the rights of the civilians is inhuman. As a Nigerian citizen, if for any reason you're arrested by the police, don't forget to do these things:

- Never attempt to run:

Attempting to run could make you lose your life to the police man's guns or in a lesser case, injure yourself. If you are caught b the police doing anything wrong, calmly submit yourself o them.

- Identify yourself:

If you're a student or a public officer, tell them and if possible, show your means of identification. In some cases, showing your student ID card might relieve you of the arrest of your case will be forwarded to the school.

- Do not engage in a serious argument with the police officers

I was in a bank in Imo State queueing up to use the ATM on the 26th of December last year when in my presence a police officer slapped a guy. According to what I understood, the police man was collecting bribe from people and helping them to withdraw while we were standing under the hot sun lining up. The man walked up to the police officer and complained, in a short while an argument started and the officer slapped him. I didn't know how the case ended because I left when the both of them started making calls.

- Ask the reason for the arrest

If you were not caught in a crime scene, it's your right to know their reason for arresting you. You can request for an arrest warrant signed by a senior police officer or a magistrate.

- Try and memorise the officer's details

Every police officer has a badge with a unique badge number,look at it and memorise the numbers in case you're maltreated. If they are on mufti, you can request that they identify themselves. Also, you can take photos if you are maltreated by the officers.

- Get some witnesses

Try and identify people present in the scene, they might act as your witnesses later in the court of law. Also taking photographs or recordings will be useful.

- Reach out to your family, friends and/or lawyer

Contact your family members or fiends and tell them that your on detention, they will help you contact a lawyer. A lawyer will help guide you through the necessary steps in fighting for your rights and getting out of detention.
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