How To Become A Successful Yahoo Boy

How To Become A Successful Yahoo Boy
Everyday people go to the web to search for words like how to become a successful yahoo boy, yahoo boy format, yahoo boy names, how to do yahoo on Facebook and many more.
This is because of the rising trend of yahoo yahoo in Nigeria especially in the high institutions. You'll see young guys wanting to know the richest yahoo boy in Lagos, Owerri, Port Harcourt, Awka, Onitsha and what have you.
They want to download yahoo format and now the different yahoo guys site and yahoo boy orientation without knowing the detriments of what they want to engage in. It's true that many young guts (and even ladies) are now making good money online by duping the whites, but do you know the sacrifices they have paid?
Many of them even go into yahoo plus rituals and G-plus rituals just to be able to dupe their innocent clients.

What Is Yahoo Yahoo

You might have been hearing this word from your friends without knowing the meaning,so today we'll explain the whole stuff to you. 'Yahoo yahoo' also called G is a term used to identify people that earn a living by scamming other people.
It is a popular form of email scam in which random emails are sent to unsuspecting individuals with the intention of collecting money from them either as a business deal or through relationship.

How To Identify An Email Scam
How To Identify An Email Scam

- It comes with an attractive email subject.
- The email content is written in dubious manner, to make it appear like it was sent from a lawyer
- They don't make use of custom mails rather free email providers. The most popular one is Hotmail but Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Yandex, Zohomail, Indiatimes and Rediffmails are also used by them.
- Many of the mails end uo being caught up in the spam folders.
-Many of the emails are sent in formats similar to the one above.
- Some of the mails contain grammatical errors.
These are a few tips to help you identify email scams. Now you have know what a yahoo boy is, you can also call it g-boy or fraudster. If rituals are involved,it is called Yahoo Plus or G-plus and this ius an advanced stage which usually brings more money than the other stage.
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This is an example of an email I got sometime ago
Congratulation To You Dear Beneficiary.
Glory be to almighty God whom make everything possible to God Answer your prayer Beneficiary. This is to officially inform you that After the Board of director’s meeting held in United Nations in conjunction with Federal Ministry Of Finance Office.
We have resolved in finding a solution to your compensation payments worth of $Two Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars. We have arranged your payments on an ATM MasterCard. As the best and easy way to receive your fund fast Because we have perfectly concluded the deliver of your Master Card to your address. so all you need to do is to contact ATM Director Mr David Hart with your full information.
The maximum daily withdraw is $5,000.00 United States Dollars everyday until your total amount of your fund deposit in your card $2.5 Million United States Dollars is completely withdrawal up to you at any nearest ATM Machine center of your choice in your country which was stamp by (IMF) International Monetary Fund Office. This is a special arrangement in collaboration with MasterCard Company USA.
Here are details of your ATM Master Card
Bank Name: CitiBank
Card Account Number:5412571234123­456
Date of Issuance: June 29/6/2018
Amount Deposit in your card is ($2.5 Million United States Dollars)
Shipment Code awb :33xzs
ATM Master Card Registered Code No xgt442
Security Code sctc:2001dhx:567
Transaction Code 233:cstc:101:33028
Certificate deposit code: sctc:bun.xxiv:78:01
You are advice to reconfirmed your full information with the following information below
(1) Your Full Name:...............­....................
(2) Full residential address:............­............
(3) Phone and Fax Number:.............­...........
(4) Occupation:.........­....................­......
(5) Personal Identification. Driver’s license or International Passport
(6) Age:................­...................
(7) Marital Status:.............­.......
(glasses emoticon Sex:...............
Contact Personal Mr David Hart with this information below
Contact Personal Mr David Hart
Email: davidhart753@hotmail­.com
The CitiBank Hereby issued your our code of conduct which is ATM Registration Code of EB8527 So you have to indiccate this code when contacting the Mr David Hart
on the Card center by using it as your subject.
Remain Bless
Yours Sincerely
Mrs Jane Daniel
General Secretary Office
An ignorant person will simply fall for this scam, but I immediately moved it to my spam folder. I don't really know how they got my email because it wasn't my official email, just a personal email that I gave to only my friends.
Maybe my friend leaked the mail or sold it to them, anyways that's not what we are talking about today, but one sure fact is that the mail was sent by a Nigerian.

How To Do Yahoo And Make Money

We earlier told you that you can make up to $1,000 a week by defrauding other individuals but before we show you how, let's discuss why most young guys want to start doing yahoo.
The major reason every G-boy started is to make money and it's usually associated with peer influence. If you are in a group and one of your friends purchases a new car without having any legitimate business, it will motivate other youths to start it also and a the end of the day, you'll see them going into the stuff proper and even doing the plus.
Do you know that majority if youths that want to start yahoo business don't need money to eat, rather they want to flaunt it in the social media platforms intimidating other youths with their influence.
Have you ever thought of this
“What is the worth of having the millions and billions of dollars if you end up sad and lonely? Of what use is the money if you can’t peacefully rest your head and sleep at night because of the fear of the law?”
This should be the first thing that comes to your mind whenever you think of scamming other individuals. After every successful scam, two categories people are left in the cycle:
- The first category is the winning side, the side that will go to the nearest car dealer to purchase a new Benz or another flashy car.
- The heartbroken people that were duped of the money they might have saved up for years.
This is sad but true, before you think of the gains try to put yourself in the other person's shoes.

Dangers Of Becoming A Yahoo or G-Boy

- You lost trust among your friends and the society.
- You live in fear of both the law enforcement agencies and the forces you might have invited to help you in the ritual.
- You becomes lonely and try to appear busy in the social media world.
- You begin to lose your sleep.
- You spoil the reputation of the whole nation in the international world.
- Death in extreme cases, maybe from rival groups or agreement with the Deities.
After all these, do you still want to live you life scamming people, if yes still continue reading, if no, then we'll show you how to make money legitimately online.

How To Make $1,000+ A Week

This is a big money right? It doesn't come easily but if you are consistent in your legitimate hustle, in a few years you'll see yourself handling funds that are far more than this.
If you have any skill whether online or offline, all you need to do is to professionally develop it and in a few years the sky will be your limit.
So we'll be showing you some amazing ways to make money with your pc right in the comfort of your bedroom.

- Blogging

This means creating a discussion or informational website for publishing contents that you're audience will be interested in. It is very popular and if well handles, can start earning you good money after a few months. You can see more about how to create and to monetize your blog.

- Affiliate marketing

This means promoting products for brands and getting paid for it. You can work for Jumia, Konga, Amazon, eBay or even hosting companies like Bluehost and WhogoHost. It works well if combined with blogging.

- Freelancing

If you can write, draw, create websites, create mobile or offer any other services you can get paid for doing it.All you need to do is to create an account with online job boards like PeoplePerHour or Fiverr, post your gigs and people will contact you for them.

- Graphics designing

With basic knowledge of some graphics design software, you can make a designing banners, logos, book covers, t-shirts and many more from the comfort of your bedroom.
These are just a few of the many ways of making money online and we advise you to venture into any of them.


Who would choose to stay in a cell over freedom? Definitely no one,or at least no normal person. Living a life free of blames and and guilt is quite possible and you can choose to do that today. I apologize for not teaching you an illegitimate way of making $1,000 a month, but I'm sure you learnt something new today.
Grow rich slowly and you won't have any regrets in life, also remember to help others.Do your best to fix the world and promote peace the much you can.
Remember 'Rome wasn't built in a day'!
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