Top 10 Businesses To Start With 20k In Kenya

Top 10 Businesses To Start With 20k In Kenya
There are so many businesses you can join in Kenya to make a living for yourself, especially if you have the capital to invest into them.
Some of these businesses require that you invest in manpower, some require that you invest in the raw products and so on but today we will be talking about a different set of businesses.

A blog fan asked me someday for a plan to a business to start with ksh 20,000. It might not be the best business to start in Kenya, but it is surely among the untapped business ideas in Kenya.
The business opportunities in Kenya for youths and adults are so much, but you cannot benefit from them except you know about them.
Most businesses require your time, commitment and money to set up and run successfully. Most of  the multi-billion businesses you hear about today all started with little investments. They consistently built themselves to the level they are in today and we all want to be like them.

Well, we have to start somewhere. I'll share some businesses you would be able to start and run with as little as Ksh 20k now and I believe you'd get one or two ideas from them.

List Of Businesses To Start With 20k In Kenya

All businesses need your time, commitment and of course, finance to be run smoothly. Here are 10 businesses you can start and run with as little as 20k in Kenya.

- Barbing Salon

Starting a barbing salon doesn't require much capital. You can purchase a clipper with Ksh 5,000 and all you need are the skills.
Renting a shop is also very affordable, and you can even decide to be a home service barber, which is even more lucrative.
If you have a shop, then you should make it look as professional as possible. You should also give out the best of services so that your customers would keep on returning.
If you want to know more about running a successful barbing salon, please visit this page!

- Printing and Photocopying Business

With as little as Ksh. 20,000, you can start this very lucrative business. You will make more money from it if you get a location very close to a university or any other educational institution as students always patronize such.
You can get a nice printer for less than Ksh 20,000 and make something close to Ksh. 3 per copy.

- Internet Businesses

I started my internet businesses with less than Ksh 5,000 and now I'm making more than Ksh 100,000 a month. I wrote about how you can start doing that in my eBook, 'Making Millions In Your Dark Room'.
The eBook is for sale at only $9.99 and you can get yourself a copy by visiting this page. In the 75-page eBook, we have penned down over 20 different internet businesses that can be fetching you a full time living online and most of them do now need any capital to begin.

- Selling Of Second Hand (Mtumba) Clothes

This is another hot business to begin in Kenya now. Whether you stay in the rural or urban parts of  the country, you'd have gotten used to seeing stalls with 'mtumba' clothes.
In order to succeed with this business, you have to choose clothing materials that sell very fast like the ladies and kids clothes.
The vendors purchase these materials from wholesale traders and then resell them for profit.
If you want to know more about this business, please visit this page.

- Selling Of Fruits And Vegetables

With as little as Ksh 20,000, you can set up a business where you will be selling fruits and vegetables. Fruits such as carrots, cucumbers, cabbages and so on are hot cakes and you can make a lot of money from selling them.
One of the secrets to a success in the business is a good location. You will need to be located somewhere you know people frequent, such as a junction or bus-stop. Again people love fresh fruits and vegetables so make sure not to stack them up in a way that they would spoil in your hands.
A little at a time, then you sell them off and get more.
If you want to know more about running a successful fruits hop, please visit this page!

- Selling Of Ladies’ Bags

Whether you do this online or offline, you can be making good money for yourself as far as you can market your business very well. Ladies love to show off, and you can go for the trendy bags, for example the recently trending emoticon bags.
Target female students especially in the campuses, and you would be able to make good money from this business. The always have money to spend and the competition to show off among peers is so much that everyone would want to belong!

- Start Offering Cleaning Services

The labor is low but demand is high, so you can actually make good money for yourself cleaning up people's residential houses, offices and more. All you need is to purchase a few items and then start providing the services at a fee.
With time, you can even start hiring people to work under your name, thereby fetching yourself more money.

- Start Operating A Coffee Shop

Some of the biggest restaurants you hear about today all started as coffee shops, and through quality services, grew to become what you hear of now!
To become successful in this business, you will need to  be dedicated, and always give your customers the best. Once they get what they want, they would most likely recommend you to their friends or better still, return with them.
By doing that, your business will keep on growing.

- Start A Movie Shop

All you need to run a successful movie channel is a laptop or desktop computer, and you can start selling movies to people.
To succeed in this business, you will need to site your location in a well populated area, especially residential areas so that people would be patronizing you very well.

- Start A Car Wash

Many Kenyans own cars, and prefer taking it to car washes rather than cleaning it up themselves. To succeed in this business, I recommend you stay in a well populated area.
It will also be better you work with more people. Some car washes clean a car for something close to Ksh 200 and that is a good money if you wash at least 30 cars a day!

Thanks a lot for reading. Which of the businesses do you like best? Kindly drop us a comment and don't forget to share to your friends!
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