How To Start Fruit Selling Business In Nigeria

How To Start Fruit Selling Business In Nigeria
Have you ever bought apples or oranges while travelling? It might not be while travelling but I bet you must have patronized a fruit vendor before.
Fruits are very beneficial to our health and one of the best sources of vitamins. These amazing gifts of nature to us can be eaten raw, cooked or even roasted. Many are better consumed when they are ripe but some can also be eaten while unripe depending on the tastes of the consumers.
Have you ever thought of making money by selling fruits? If yes, then you thought well, if otherwise, today you'll see some tips on how to start a fruit and vegetable business in Nigeria.
The fresh fruit juice business in Nigeria is something you can venture into and make good profits if you are exposed to the best business plans for running it.
With a capital of N50,000, you can start making a profit of over N5,000 or more daily depending on your location and season of the year. Before we go further, let's look at some amazing reasons you should start fruit selling business today.

Reasons You Should Start Fruit Selling Business

- Fruits are very beneficial to our health

Every enlightened family try as much as possible to include fruits in their daily diets. This is because of the many benefits of taking fruits to our health. They are necessary for having a balanced diet and are also good sources of vitamins and other essential body nutrients.
A diet high in fruit and vegetables can help protect you against cancer, diabetes and heart disease

- They aid in digestion

The fruits skins that are rich in fibre help enhance the digestion of food in our body. They aid in the bodies' excretion process and also simultaneously keep our system safe from problems like constipation and gastritis.
Some fruits that are rich in fibre include mangoes, oranges, lemons and melons.

- Fruits help in the healthy growth of the human hairs

Fruits help in the maintenance of the human hairs. Vitamin A contributes greatly to healthy, long hair by softening the texture of the hair.
Also, the vitamin C citrus fruits help prevent hair loss and also keep the human hair shiny and healthy.

- Skin Care

Fruits like apples are good options for the treatment of acne while berries are excellent in keeping you protected from skin disorders. Generally, fruits help keep our skins supple and hydrated, and also nourish it with the essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
If you are tired of using commercial anti-pimple creams to cure your pimples, try including different fruits like apples, bananas and berries into your daily diet and watch the pimples disappear gradually.
- Fruits are good for people that want to lose weight.
- Fruits help reduce the risk of ailments like cancers, high blood pressures, kidney stones, diabetes and heart diseases.
These benefits of fruits are some of the things that contribute to its high demand in the society. Another good benefit is that is readily available for sale.

What Is Required To Start A Fruit Selling Business In Nigeria

- A good location

After raising your capital, the next item in the program will be to choose a good place for displaying your wares. One of the best choices is a busy area like a motor park or a busy market place.
Alternatively, a residential area will serve if you notice that the people living there normally go out to buy the fruits. All that is required is to stay in a place where enough people will be patronizing your wares.

- Get the materials needed for running the business

Some of the basic materials include:
Tables: This is for displaying the wares to your customers. The fruits should be arranged in an attractive way and also make it easy for your customers to point at their choices. 
Knife: This is for cutting fruits like watermelons into various sizes. The customers might not need a whole water melon, so you should be prepared for this.
Buy a mini freezer: This is for preserving your fruits to avoid them spoiling. It is also useful for cooling the fruits because some customers will prefer cold fruits when the temperature is hot. You can check out these mini freezers in Jumia and Konga if you'd prefer to shop online.
Toothpicks: This is for picking the fruits. You shouldn't touch the fruits with your bare hands for hygienic purposes.
This are all you'll need. Then a basket for keeping the fruits, safe for keeping your money and other things are also necessary.

List Of Different Fruits That You Can Sell

You can sell all fruits but we'll be listing out some that will be a great choice for you in case you are confused. Combination of many different kinds of fruits will also help you to maximize profit.

- Banana

The banana fruit is a fruit is loved by many because it of its many health benefits which include it's role in the reduction of depression. It is also a good source of carbohydrates, protein, fats, potassium, iron and phosphorus.

- Orange

This is one of the fruits in the citrus family and it contains collagen which is beneficial for having younger skin. The peels of oranges also help in eliminating bad breath thereby giving you long lasting fresh breath.

- Mango

With its great taste, mangoes are rich sources of iron and also work as anti-dotes for anemic patients. It is also healthy for pregnant women because of its vitamin A. You can check out more on the health benefits and disadvantages of mango fruits.

- Pineapple

Pineapple are beneficial to our skins because of the roles they play in curing skin infections that are caused by injuries. They also contain enzymes that aid in skin elasticity and help in building strong bones.


The fruit selling business is good for you if done wisely. You should try as much as possible to keep  the surroundings neat because many customers might not patronize you if they notice that you are not clean.
Also, don't keep your prices high because you are not the only person into the business, in order to beat your competitors you should make the customers want to buy from you.
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