Freelance Writing Jobs Kenya - Write And Get Paid In Kenya

Freelance Writing Jobs Kenya
There are so many freelance writing jobs in Kenya that pay very well, but the problem is that we cannot benefit from them except we know that they exist.
I have previously written out over 20 websites that need writers and you can view the list on this page.
Most people search for online writing jobs in Kenya that pay through M-pesa. These academic writing jobs in Kenya and the academic writing companies in Kenya are no doubt some of the easiest ways to make money online without any capital.
I have decided to publish this article about freelance writing jobs Kenya so that we can also make our own money online, easily. For example, the writing jobs Kenya OLX is something so many people don't know about.

Most Kenyans don't have writing accounts in Kenya and they do not know any article writing jobs in Kenya. Some don't even know how to to start online writing in Kenya and that is what I want to talk about now.
There are so many blogs and websites in Kenya that are looking for writers. They do not know where to get authors from, so they move to the various job boards they can get online.

If you want to start a successful writing career in Kenya, I suggest you get hold of these 100+ websites that pay writers in Kenya. Some of the pay more than $100 per article. You can visit this page for more.
I will try to make this article as short as possible, so let's go straight to the point.

Websites And Blogs That Pay Writers In Kenya

To succeed as a writer in Kenya, you will need to write for so many clients. If you want to be making as much as $2,000 writing in Kenya, I suggest you visit this page.
Some websites and blogs that pay writers in Kenya include:

- Blasting News

Blasting news is one of the most popular freelancing sites in the United States. It is very lucrative, and all you need to do is write for them and generate traffic to your article.
I have cashed out from the site several times, and they pay once a month, minimum payout is $10.
Writing for them is very easy. because they accept news, lifestyle articles, entertainment, politics, sports and any other articles you feel like writing.
Blasting News is also one of the biggest news agency in the United States, and probably the world. If you want to read more about them, please visit this page.

- Freelance Writing

If you can write very well, and also deliver on time, then I suggest you visit this website. They can help you get yourself clients who would need your writing services, anywhere in the world.
For more, head over to their official website.

- Fiverr

Fiverr is the biggest job boards in the world. They help connect clients to service providers. For instance, if you are a freelance writer, you can go on to Fiverr.com, create a gig at $5 and once someone purchases your gig, Fiverr will hold the money and pay you when you deliver.
They will charge $1 for every $5 you make, that's 20% of all your earnings on the website.
If you want to start making good money monthly from Fiverr, I suggest you read this article.

- iWriter

iWriter is for small freelancers, because you can make as low as $1.50 for an article and I think that's too poor. Another issue is that the competition is much, and you will have to upgrade to make better money.
However, it is still worth trying. Since I could make money from there, you too can. You can visit iWriter.com to sign up now!

- MediaBistro

This is also another awesome site, where freelancers can connect to article buyers. One good thing about the website is that you can choose your site by location, so that you get to write for only Kenyan article buyers.
If you want to know more, visit the official website.

- OnlineBookClub

The OnlineBookClub is not a Kenyan website, but they accept Kenyans. They pay people for reviewing books and novels they've read, and you can submit yours.
They pay anything between $60 to $80 per published review and I think it is a good gamble.
If you want to know more, please visit their official website.
Some other websites that can help writers in Kenya make money online include:

LinkedIn jobs

Fiver Up

Gig Bucks
SEO Clerks
Dollar 3

Round Shelf
Fourerrand many others.

Writing is very lucrative, and there are so many talented writers in Kenya but they do not know how to make money online with their talents.
This article is specially for those people.

If you want to be a successful writer, then you have to be a good reader too. Read other blogs, magazines, newspapers and more, it will help you improve your writing prowess.

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