What Are The Roles Of Teachers In The Life Of Their Students?

A role of teacher in student’s life
The irruption of new technologies has caused a radical change when it comes to accessing information.
This, applied in the field of teaching or learning, involves an equally drastic change in the role of the teacher. Now, all the content that students must learn is in the network, so what we should ask is:  what should be the role of teachers in the current training system?
Until a few years ago, the teacher was the one who selected and cured the information that reached his students. The teacher built the knowledge of the students and, in case of doubt, the students came to him to expand or clarify those lessons. Now, it is much faster to go directly to the Internet. The major drawback of this is that the student is placed before an immense amount of information that often is unable to assimilate, and needed a constant selection with which to value and distinguish the quality content. It is in this context that the teacher must rethink his role. 
The teacher should act as a guide or mediator who facilitates learning to their students, providing them with the basic knowledge necessary so they can understand the broader lessons to find on the Internet. The teacher should promote practical exercises that allow students to apply what they have learned. To do this, it is most appropriate pose problems requiring students to search, select and process information properly, enhancing learning methodological variety. 
The teacher should also provide educational assistance to students, offering the methods and resources needed to meet their interests, motivations and capabilities. The teacher has to favour a pleasant working environment, in which the spontaneity of the students and their interest in learning take place. For this, it is necessary to favour the contributions and suggestions of the students. As for the evaluation system, the teacher must make a continuous and personalized follow-up of each student, evaluating the individual progress. Here is a recent publish article on summer jobs for teachers. Which must be beneficial for you? 

Important steps which tell the perfect role of a teacher in student’s life

• Prepare the lessons: 

To organize learning, it will be necessary to plan the course through objectives, contents, activities, materials and an evaluation system that take into account the wide variety of resources offered by the Internet. Thus, the teacher must prepare teaching strategies that include individual and collective exercises that promote autonomous learning, constructive memory and motivation.

 Prepare the teaching resources: 

The teacher has to choose the materials that will be used, also when and how, structuring their use according to the previous knowledge of the students, and taking advantage of the different information channels and languages.

 Motivate the students.

Therefore, it is understood to awaken students' interest in the contents of the subject, for example, establishing relationships between the subject taught and their life experiences, setting out group exercises or highlighting the usefulness of those lessons.

 Focusing on the student.

The teacher must provide all the information required by the teaching, bearing in mind that it is not the only source for their students; facilitate the understanding of content, encourage self-learning, guide in carrying out activities, promote collaboration, advise on the use of resources and evaluate student learning, also encouraging self-assessment.

 Make coordination 

It is really important that there should be perfect coordination between teacher and students. Without this neither you nor student can achieve their goals. Coordination creates a balance between what teachers want to deliver against what students are expecting to receive. Once you build that relationship with your students it becomes very easy for you to have complete control over teaching. 

Bottom Line

Teacher has a significance role in student’s life and it not only includes. Delivering lectures and assigning work you need to go more far from this in order to achieve the objective of your teaching. So apart from your assigned duties you should know what are the other important factors which impact the students over all life. And if you can figure out and execute with perfection your students will never fail in life.

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