7 Amazing Nutritional And Health Benefits Of Zobo Drink

7 Amazing Nutritional And Health Benefits Of Zobo Drink
We'll be listing out some health benefits of zobo, a very nutritious juice gotten from the boiling of the leaves of the hibiscus flower.
The zobo drink got its name from the Hibiscus plant which is called “zoborodo” in Hausa Language. Apart from the fact that this drink is very nutritious, it is also a source of income to many Nigerians who prepare and sell them in different flavours.
In fact, zobo business is among the lucrative businesses you can start with less than ₦10,000 in Nigeria. As a student, you can raise yourself some extra pocket allowance by preparing and selling Zobo drinks to your course-mates. We're not to discuss business now, I just wanted to throw more light on the importance of the Zobo drink.

Nutritional And Health Benefits Of Zobo Drink

The Zobo drink has been in existence for more than a century and over the years, more Nigerian tribes have started drinking it. In almost every Nigerian state, you'll see people hawking zobo juices around the streets.
I personally prefer taking zobo on hot afternoons to the canned drinks because its natural flavours. Most times, artificial preservatives are not added to these juices because the traders prepare only the quantity they would be able to sell during the day. This makes it safe for consumption and the reason for its fresh and delicious taste.
Some amazing benefits of the zobo drink include:

- Zobo boosts healthy eyes

The carotene which is present in zobo leaves and carrots is very essential for keeping our eyes healthy. The human body converts carotene into Vitamin A which helps prevent eye defects like night blindness and also boosts clear and healthy visions.

- It Boosts Appetite

Iron, fibre, calcium and carotene present in zobo drinks helps in fighting against loss of appetite and other eating disorders. It also combats bacteria and worms in the gut and guards our digestive system against antibacterial properties.

- It helps in the prevention of cancer

Regular consumption of zobo drink helps in increasing the levels of antioxidants in the body which in turn helps in the prevention and treatment of cancer. These antioxidants combat free radicals that cause stress and oxidative damages which later lead to cancer.

- It helps in controlling high blood pressure

Because of the enzyme inhibitors present in zobo leaves which help in blocking the production of amylase, zobo leaves are very effective in controlling high blood pressure.
The enzymes break down complex sugars and starch thereby making zobo leaves effective for fighting against pre-hypertension and mild hypertension.

- Zobo helps in the development of strong bones and teeth

The calcium present in zobo drinks is very essential for the building strong bones and teeth. It also guards them against bone problems like osteoporosis.

- Zobo improves brain functions

Because of the vitamin B3 present in the zobo leaves, it helps fighting brain problems and mood disorders like depression. It also helps in the healthy functioning of the brain.

- Zobo guards against kidney problems

Zobo is often recommended to patients suffering from kidney related diseases by doctors.This is because it contains some vital organic acids like acetic acid, maleic acid, citric acid and tartaric organic acids.

Zobo also helps the kidney eliminate oxalic acid and uric acid which are the two main causes of kidney stones. To protect your kidney, avoid adding artificial sweeteners or sugar while preparing your zobo.

Image SourcePunch Newspapers
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