5 Amazing Ways Food And Beverage Companies Can Help To Save Water

5 Amazing Ways Food And Beverage Companies Can Help To Save Water
It is very important that companies start being conscious about their water consumptions and try and reduce wastewater.
This is especially important that there is water management for wineries and breweries as they use a large quantity of water. 

There is a water supply shortage on earth, despite the earth being covered by 70 percent of water. A large amount of that water that covers the earth is ocean water.  The little amount we have is used by households and businesses. Households used water for dishes, showers, toilet flushing, and cleaning. While businesses also need to use water, now this is a lot of water being used and the sad thing is that the wastewater being used by business goes back into the environment. 

Here are five tips on how food and beverage companies can save water. 

- Have a water audit done 

In order for your company to save water, a water audit needs to be conducted. A water audit will look at the amount of water your business uses and how your business reduces water consumption. During the water audit, you need to look at all the water access points such as kitchen, bathroom, and outside taps. 

You need to see if there are any leakage or repairs that need to be done. Once you have taken a look around you can have an idea of how much water is used. When the water audit has been completed, you will need to fix all repairs and leaks, many times we forget about leaks or overlook them however that's where most water goes and every drop of water counts.  

- Encourage your employees to save water 

A great way for your business to save water is by encouraging your employees. They are the ones who deal with the day to day runnings of your company, therefore, they would know the best ways to save water while keeping the business running. Your employees could save water by washing dishes only when the dishwasher is full. Your business can also use a water filter, which allows them to have cool drinking water rather than opening the tap and waiting for the water temperature to change. 

Another great way to remind your staff is by putting up signs reminding them to save water. You can put these signs up in the bathroom and kitchen. You could also have a competition for different departments to see which department can save the most water. Remind your kitchen staff to compost food scraps rather than using the garbage disposal as it uses water. 

- Water treatment systems 

Businesses in the food and beverage industry should invest in wastewater treatment plants. There are many treatment processes such as effluent water treatments. There is also an effluent treatment for wineries and other company’s. Winery effluent water can then be treated, which will reduce the usage of fresh water, and preserve the environment against pollution.

- Install low flow restrictors 

Your food and beverage business can also save water by installing low flow restrictors. You can have a contractor install low flow restrictors in your bathroom, kitchen and any other place around your business that has a tap. The low flow restrictors will be an easy way for your business to cut back on water use. Not only will your business save on water costs but your business can save on electricity, and reduce the pressure on natural water resources. 

- Find alternative ways to clean up a mess during processes 

Running a food and beverage business can be busy, stressful and can be quite messy at times. Without realising it, cleaning can consume a lot of water and in most business cleaning is done every day. The best way to reduce this is to train your staff to reduce the amount of mess they make in a day. 

They could also learn to clean as they go, this will ensure that nothing spills over. It does get busy and at times cleaning while you go might seem like more work at the time. But it will help in the long run when you save on water.

For example, you don’t need to use water for every single task. You don’t need to use water to wash away the dirt on the sidewalk, as you can always use a broom and sweep it off. 

Final thoughts 

Saving water is a great thing to do. Your business and the environment can benefit from being conscious of the water that is being used on a daily basis. Making sure that your business treats wastewater can save your business money in the long run. 

Not only will it lower your water and electricity bill but it will also attract new customers and increase trust with existing ones. Today’s society also looks to support a business that is eco-friendly and cares for the environment. So while you are saving money, you’re also making money at the same time. 

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