Most Affordable Airtel Data Plans And Their Subscription Codes

Most Affordable Airtel Data Plans And Their Subscription Codes
Airtel Nigeria are one of the most popular telecommunication networks, and they pride themselves as the 'smartphone network'.
They have a good number of data plans and packages to that effect, making them a top choice among heavy data consumers.
There is also good Airtel network in many parts of the country, and I think we all need to check them out.
Some of the best Airtel data plans for Nigerians include:

• Airtel Binge Data Plans

These ones are uniquely crafted for heavy data consumers. Whether you want to vlog, use Netflix, make downloads or any other stuff in the day, I think it's for you.
There are two plans in the Binge data bundle - the ₦350 for 1GB and the ₦500 for 2GB.
They both have a validity of 24 hours.
If you want to subscribe to the Airtel Binge plan ₦350 for 1GB, dial the USSD code, *141*354#.
To subscribe to the other Airtel Binge plan ₦500 for 2GB, dial the USSD code, *141*504#.
Subsequently you can dial *141# and select Binge plans.

• Airtel Free Surf

The Airtel free surf plan gives you a reduced browsing rate on a pay as you go level. It will also give you a free 160MB whenever you use up to 160MB and the charges rates start from 1Kobo/Kilobyte.
It is not really for heavy internet users, but you can use it if you just want to do a few things online.

To subscribe to the Airtel free surf plan, dial *400#.

• Airtel Daily Data Plans

The daily plans have different types, all with a validity of 24 hours. This means that if you subscribe by 3 o'clock today, it's expiring 3 o'clock tomorrow whether you consume them or not.
Some of them include:

  - 20MB for ₦50

This has a validity period of 24 hours. Dial *141*50#.

  - 75MB for ₦100

To subscribe to this, dial *141*100#

  - 200MB for ₦200

You will get 200MB for ₦200 in this package. Dial *141*200#

  - 300MB for ₦300

For ₦300 you get 300MB. Dial *141*300# to subscribe.

  - 750MB for ₦500

I think this is the best cost per value as compared to the others. Dial *141*500# to subscribe to the bundle.

• Airtel Weekly Plans

The Airtel weekly plans offer less than 30 days validity, and expire after 7 days.
There are a wide range of options and some of them include:

  - Weekly 1GB for ₦500

You get 1GB for only ₦500. Dial *312# to subscribe.

  - 300MB for ₦300

To subscribe to this, dial *417#.

  - Airtel Easy Plan - 750MB for ₦500

To subscribe to the Airtel Easy Plan, dial *141*500#. It costs ₦500 and has a validity of 14 days.

• The Airtel 5-Star Pack

The Airtel 5-star pack offers you very little data but with a longer validity period. It costs ₦100 and you will get 5MB everyday for 5 days.
I don't recommend this for you if you use a computer, Android, Apple or any other heavy data consuming devices because you'd surely consume it in two minutes...Lol.

However, Java and Symbian phones would still find it very useful.
To subscribe to the Airtel 5-star pack, dial *401#.

• Airtel Android Bundle

The Airtel Android bundles offer you 1.5GB for ₦1,000, 3.5GB for ₦2,000, 5GB for ₦2,500, 7GB for ₦3,500 and 9GB for ₦4,000 as the cases might be.
You can use them in your MiFis, modems, smartphones and any other internet enabled devices that use SIMS.

• Airtel Mid-Night Plans

With the Airtel Midnight plans, you can surf anytime from 12:00 to 5:00 and it is extremely cheap. Moreover, we know that the network then is always good, so it's a win-win.
If you want to know more about the plans, please visit HERE.
To subscribe to any of them, dial *312#.

That's all for now. Thanks a lot for reading along! Which ones are your favorite? Did we miss out on any amazing offers? Kindly drop us a comment and share to your friends.
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