How To Get 30MB For ₦50 On MTN Nigeria

How To Get 30MB For ₦50 On MTN Nigeria
MTN might not be the data network, but they always have amazing offers to help your internet lifestyle together with good network.
Today we'll be talking about another one from the MTN network, 30MB for only 50 Naira.
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Now, talking about the MTN 30MB for ₦50, it is available to only the BetaTalk subscribers, as announced on their social media handles.
How To Get 30MB For ₦50 On MTN Nigeria
The data is small quiet alright, but we still have little data needs right?

Well, here's how to subscribe to this plan:
• First migrate to the BetaTalk tariff plan in other to be eligible for this plan. You can do that by sending BT to 131
• Recharge your phone and text B30 to 131.

That's all! You can check your balance by sending 2 to 131. This data is valid for only 24 hours.
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I'm sure you'd never want to miss such opportunity!
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