Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Nigeria (With Photos)

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Nigeria
Nigeria is a booming and beautiful country located on the Gulf of Guinea with many natural landmarks and wildlife reserves.
Nigeria has so much to offer tourists from all over the world looking for an experience that will deepen their roots and expand their knowledge.

Nigeria is home to an abundance of revered national parks, wildlife reserves and natural landmarks. With a densely populated and lush rainforest, breathtaking waterfalls, a savanna, and remarkable primate habitats - Nigeria is sure to steal every traveler’s heart! Tourism in Nigeria is thriving, and there are so many beautiful places to visit whilst you are there, as well as small business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Reasons Nigeria is a must-see place to travel:

Nigeria has remarkable natural landscapes with beautiful indigenous vegetation!
● The Nigerian language is a gorgeous mixture of multiple African dialects!
● Nigerian culture is vibrant, thrilling and one of a kind!
● Nigerian food is delicious with a huge variety of old traditional recipes!
● The locals are some of the most friendly people on the planet!

We know that your trip to Nigeria will captivate, excite and engage you in a whole new world that celebrates life in all its wonder. Here are the best tourist attractions for you to visit during your vacation!
Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Nigeria

Nigeria’s Top Tourist Attractions 

Some amazing top Nigerian tourist attractions you should try visiting include:

1. Lagos Island

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Nigeria
One of the many tourist centers in Nigeria is Lagos, it’s a unique treasure trove of marvelous places to visit and enjoy. A lot of the tourist sites in Nigeria that are on our list are found on this island! So, when your flight to Lagos lands, start straight away to enjoy the many precious sites it has to show off!

One of the best places to visit in Lagos city is the Civic Centre. There are often world-class conventions going on here. You can also just visit during the day, and get a tour of the incredible building. Take the opportunity to admire the architecture and style of this structure.

2. Osun-Osogbo

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Nigeria
The Osun-Osogbo is a sacred grove found in Nigeria, and it’s listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is revered for being the home of the mythological fertility goddess, Osun.  The entire landscape of this tourist attraction in Nigeria has shrines dotted everywhere, paying tribute to the deities of the famous Pantheon of Yoruba goddess. 

This sacred grove is a serene place, with sanctuaries for escape and a meandering river flowing through. It is one of the last remaining plots of land that preserves the ancient Yoruba culture. Strolling through this forest will take you back to a time long past, and allow you to bask in the essence of Nigeria’s rich traditional history.

3. Nike Art Gallery

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Nigeria
Nigeria tourism is not only made up of astounding natural beauty, but it is also made up of groundbreakingly inspired artworks and world-class exhibitions. The Nike Art Gallery showcases some of the most revolutionary masterpieces done by Nigerian local artists.

This  gallery is massive and sophisticated, with a large variety of diverse art displayed within it. It’s fast earning a reputation for being the largest gallery of its kind in West Africa! The 5-story structure is home to over 8 000 unique and priceless works of art.

4. Tarkwa Bay Beach

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Nigeria
The weird and wonderful Tarkwa Bay beach is an artificial beach in Nigeria. It’s found on an island, so you will have to take a boat or ride a water taxi to get there, but it is well worth it! The waves are big, making it the perfect place for holiday goers to partake in watersports and swimming.

Nigeria has so many gorgeous beaches, but this one is one of the tourist places in Nigeria that is particularly upbeat and has a friendly community.

5. Freedom Park

Nigeria is proud of its diverse culture and strength as a nation, and one of the places where this is truly celebrated is at Freedom Park! The park is one of the most historically significant places to visit in Nigeria, as it is also a memorial site. 

The park once used to be the late Nigerian Queen’s prison, and now there is a wonderful architectural design that stands there to remind Nigerian’s of their country’s heritage. You can catch performers from all walks of life performing here, and enjoy the talent of freestyle singers and poets as well!

6. Erin-Ijesha Waterfalls

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Nigeria
Found in Erin-Ijesha, this natural tourist attraction is enchanting! This ancient waterfall dates back to 1140 AD, the year that it was originally discovered. There are myths about who had first discovered it, and some say it was first found by native hunters.

The elegant waterfall is one of the most awe-inspiring tourist attractions in Nigeria, and is also known by the name of “Olumirin Waterfalls”.

7. Nigerian National Museum

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Nigeria
Nigeria’s National Museum is a tourist attraction that fascinates people from all over the world. Not only can you gain a large amount of insight into the interesting tales and history of Nigeria, but you can also admire an impressive collection of original artwork. 

You can view incredible pieces from Nigeria’s past, such as carvings and archaeological and ethnographic exhibits. This is one of the most significant Nigeria landmarks for those seeking to understand the origins of the country’s culture.

8. Sukur

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Nigeria
The Sukur Cultural Landscape is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Nigeria. It’s one of the many that plays a significant role in preserving not only Nigeria’s heritage but that of Africa as a whole. The site is found at the top of a hill, overlooking an authentic Nigerian village with terraces fields that have sacred symbols on them.

The site also homes extensive amounts of remains from the past iron industry that used to thrive there and remains a famous site that expresses the transformation of Nigeria’s advancement as a society. This is an astounding place for tourists to visit and get a feel for Nigeria!

9. Gashaka Gumti National Park

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Nigeria
One of the most beautiful places in Nigeria for tourists to visit is Gashaka Gumti National Park! It once used to be a part of two game reserves, and today it is Nigeria's biggest national park. 

You are able to bask in the natural paradise that this park preserves when you visit and stroll through thick forests. See the sweeping grasslands, rugged mountainscapes, highland plateaus, and view a vast array of wild animal species! You can also learn more about ethnic cultures and meet natives who know the reserve as their home.

10. Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Nigeria
With more and more animals joining the list of endangered species, we take our hats off to all wildlife sanctuaries that honor the sovereign lives of animals. The Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary uses its voice to speak for those who can’t be heard and protects a large number of wildlife species. 

Namely, the sanctuary provides a space for the critically endangered species of the Cross River gorilla, the Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee, the drill and the grey-necked rockfowl.  Enjoy a once in a lifetime experience to visit these magnificent creatures, and support this noble cause to take a stand for the precious lives of animals in Africa!
Conclusion of Tourist Attractions in Nigeria
Nigeria is a rapidly advancing city, and there are plenty of things that we don’t know about Nigeria from the news. This diversely cultural country has some of the best universities, and some of the richest politicians in Africa!

As the country grows, we get to see more and more of its potential being reached. A visit to Nigeria is not one to be missed. If you plan on living in Nigeria, there is a lot of opportunities and ways to make money in Nigeria.
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