7 Easiest Small Scale Businesses To Do In Nigeria

10 Easiest Small Scale Businesses To Do In Nigeria
In Nigeria, there are so many profitable businesses you can venture into but a good number of them are capital intensive.
Starting a good business is expensive but there are more than 1001 lucrative businesses you can venture into with less than ₦100,000 in Nigeria. Yes, you can start a business with ₦100,000 and still cash out more than ₦150,000 from it monthly.
Does that sound unbelievable, I know it might but at the end of this eye-opening article, you won't be left any other option than to believe.

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7 Lucrative Small Scale Businesses To Do In Nigeria

Starting a business without capital is very possible in Nigeria, especially if you already garnered experiences in some skills. Many of the businesses we'll be listing here are hot cakes, things people need and use on daily basis.
Let's check out some amazing small-scale businesses you can venture into in Nigeria:

- Photography

10 Easiest Small Scale Businesses To Do In Nigeria | Photography
We all celebrate different occasions at one point of our lives to another. Occasions ranging from birthdays that are celebrated annually, to weddings that are done at least once in a lifetime. Majority of people in the world strive to keep memories of all these events and celebrations.
In order to help them achieve this, they need to employ the services of photographers. As a photographer, you can make as much as ₦100,000 daily during big celebrations. Also, you'll have a studio for people celebrating birthdays or other events that require taking studio photos.
An average studio charges ₦300 to ₦500 for soft copies depending on the location. Imagine getting 20 customers a day, you'll be making an average of ₦6,000 to ₦10,000 daily.
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- Fitness trainer

Fitness training job is for a kind of job that involves helping people through exercise routines and programmes. It is a job that anyone passionate about helping people live healthier lifestyles can venture into.
10 Easiest Small Scale Businesses To Do In Nigeria | Fitness trainer
To become a qualified fitness trainer in Nigeria, you'll need:
  • A reputable training provider: This involves getting certified in a government approved and accredited training centre. You have to ensure that the centre is a recognised provider within the fitness industry in Nigeria and also approved by the Nigerian Ministry of Education.
  • Personal trainer qualification: This implies taking a personal training course which will qualify you to start working as a personal trainer. Depending on the type of courser you study, the classes can run from 2 weeks to 6 months.
The course will present the basic knowledge and principles for creating effective training programs to you as a beginner and also help in summarizing the basic, unchanging principles of being a personal trainer.
  • First aid certification: The first aid certificate or emergency first aid at work qualification is a HSE recognized certification that teaches personal trainers how to perform basic first aid in case their clients sustain injuries during the training.

- Travel agency

10 Easiest Small Scale Businesses To Do In Nigeria | Travel agency
This is another easy and fast growing job you can venture into as a Nigerian. We all at on point of our life we travel from on part of the world to the other.
You can help people through the process of booking fights and earn from them. One good thing about this business is that it can be said to be evergreen. As long as the world is existing, people will keep on traveling.
Also, it is a recurring type of business which means that your clients, if satisfied with your services will keep on returning to you.
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- Tattoo shop

Tattoos are a form of body modification where a design is made by inserting ink, dyes and pigments, either indelible or temporary, into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment. It is a kind of body and it's becoming popular with time.
10 Easiest Small Scale Businesses To Do In Nigeria | Tatto making
You can start making money by tattooing people by first learning the art. If you become popular in the art, you'll starting tattooing celebrities and other rich and influential ladies and men.

- Tutorials

If you are have good knowledge of subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English and can teach them, you can start a tutorial centre.
10 Easiest Small Scale Businesses To Do In Nigeria | Tutorials
All you need to start this business is a white or black board and a few benches. You will also have to advertise your business to students. You can do that by word of mouth or printing of posters.

- Blogging

10 Easiest Small Scale Businesses To Do In Nigeria | Blogging
Blogging has of recent years, upgraded from just publishing articles to becoming businesses. Many people are now making money online by writing about things they love.
Starting a blog doesn't involve much, you'll first have to purchase a domain and host (depending on your platform) from a reliable hosting company like WhoGoHost.
After that, the next step will be to start writing your articles and generating traffic. You can check a list of free traffic sources for your blog, they'll guide you as a beginner or professional blogger looking for new ways of generating traffic.

- Ice cream parlor

10 Easiest Small Scale Businesses To Do In Nigeria | Ice cream parlor
I loved ice creams when I was a kid and I know we all did...haha! You can start earning a living by making and selling ice creams to people, both young and old.
Although due to the nature of the ice cream business, it thrives more during the dry season, it also thrives very well in all seasons.

These are some of the small scale businesses you can venture into as a Nigerian. Some need more capital to start while others don't necessary need, but require just thee right business skills.
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