5 Reasons Why Majority Of Job Applicants Never Get Hired

5 Reasons Why Majority Of Job Applicants Never Get Hired
Have you ever thought of the reasons behind the rejection of majority of job applications submitted?
If yes, at the end of this article you'd understand why its so and how you land yourself that dream job. Getting a job doesn't mean you're the most qualified or the least qualified, it only means you satisfied your recruiter’s job and he deemed you fit for the job.
We've previously listed out 10+ questions you shouldn't ask your employer during an interview and it'll be great if you check them out. They're things that really matter but might sound light to you.
Some major reasons your job applications might not go successful:

- Someone is referred into the opening

There is a saying that 'good people know good people,' which means that a good employee will be able to refer other good employees.
In some occasions, when a company's existing employee refers someone (who might even be less qualifies), the company gives the person the job.
I have a friend that handles an interviewing role in an organisation, he once told me that the positions for a vacant space being advertised by his company has been take but the company still had to publicise the job. According to him, this was so it won't appear to the outside world like the company was discriminating or something like that.

- Positions are opened up for people who have built connections or relationships

I know some people that got jobs without applying because they know someone in the organisation. In your school, religious gathering or daily life, try living nice as you don't know who will help you someday.
Some people have gotten jobs that were not advertised because of the contacts they have. We are all humans and know how these things work!

- Majority of applicants don’t have polished personal brands

It's better not to have a cover letter than to send out a generic cover letter. You can check out these 7 tips on how to write an engaging cover letter that gets results to help you write great resumes.
I shock when I see candidates having resumes with typos or formatting issues. Your resume speaks more about you in your absence and should be handled with care.
What will make your resume unique when compared to the resumes of the other 100+? It’s very important for your employer to know what problem you’re solving and showing your skills and accomplishments can demonstrate this!

- People are applying to jobs they don’t have matching titles to

If a company is looking for a project manager and your last title was account manager, I'm sorry to say that you might not be able to get the job. It is not discrimination, out of 100 applicants, the other 99 might have their resumes reading project manager.
It is the recruiter’s job to short list the best qualified matches, so he would judge the other and decide the best among them. SO if you MUST get the job, you MUST go some extra miles like making us of the no 1 reason -- referral strategy!

- Applying online doesn't guarantee your resume being read

A recruiter once told me that once he starts seeing irrelevant backgrounds in the course of reading resumes, he just selects some qualified fellows from the already read ones and then he'll click on “Select All” ⤍ reject.
After that, all the rejected applicants will get an automated reply to their emails stating, “Thank you for applying however…bla bla bla"
There might b a possibility that your resume wasn't read by the recruiter if you dint't get the job. To avoid this, it'll be best to apply for any job opportunity on time. Although most organizations don't start reading the resumes until they've stopped accepting applicants, it can save you from having to to rush with the submission. 

These are some of the reasons many job applicants never get hired, also having a well optimized LinkedIn account can help recruiters connect with you.  Many recruiters are now searching for passive candidates to help them in dismissing irrelevant backgrounds.
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