Web Design Hacks: 6 Strategies That Will Grow Your More Leads

Web Design Hacks: 6 Strategies That Will Grow Your More Leads
Web design plays a key role in helping businesses attract more leads and witness superior conversions.
Since each business has unique requirements, it’s quite obvious that web design for one may not suit another and vice versa. Plus, there are different strategies in regard to web design which can be used to boost the performance of websites which can help business grow easily. With experts on board, it’s also possible to have some web design hacks and gain benefits that would otherwise not be possible. So, it’s always important to spot the trends in the market and then go about using design hacks always.       

Here are some strategies with web designs to get more leads for the website - 

1. Know about the place for CTAs

It’s important to know where visitors on the site are clicking and scrolling the most as this will help position CTAs and offers perfectly. The knowledge of this positioning can be crucial for getting more clicks that usual. There are tools to know areas where visitors like to engage more, and also to know the source of the clicks. You can use tools to know the best location for CTA buttons. This will have a boost for conversion as you just can’t place CTA anywhere on the page and hope it does well.   

2. Do site conversion audits  

Having a beautiful website is not enough as you must also know the elements needed to maximize conversions. That’s why focusing on user experience (UX) and having an expert to do site conversion audit is always beneficial in the long run. Once conversion issues are known, it becomes easy to do design changes and then maximize conversions before kicking off marketing campaigns. This will also help deliver optimized targeted messages and save the money that may be used on faulty strategies. Doing a site conversion audit means getting ready for a better ROI and saving money in the process as well.  

3. Carry out split testing

Split testing can be the difference between a website having more leads and one suffering from poor strategies. You should know that even small changes in website designs can lead to better results in conversion. The good thing, there are tools to cerate different versions of landings pages with minor changes to assess the better one for conversions. With small changes like colour or CTA wordings too can impact in conversion and all this is possible even without much of technical or coding skills. So, take split testing seriously and put focus back on web design. 

4. Use Google Analytics metrics and data

In today’s time, the use of analytics is growing to get an insight into sources of traffic and knowledge about other conversion matrixes. You must benefit from Google Analytics to know the relevant traffic to engage in conversion. Armed with this knowledge, it will help make changes to the layout and then expect better conversions. The analytics can also help the traffic, which is converting more and based on the information, more resources could be put where conversion prospects are better.  Google analytics data can help in knowing the traffic sources whose conversion is poor and hence it will help you save money being wasted on bad strategies. 

5. Benefit from live chat

When talking about web design hacks, you could think about benefitting from the feature of live chat and bring the desired level of turnaround to the website. The live chat feature is not only used by e-commerce sites and anyone can benefit from it to finetune web designs for better results. With live chat feature embedded within the site, it becomes easy for websites to keep in touch with their customers and deliver value to them easily. More so, this feature is not only quite cheap but also has the potential to give a big boost to conversions. So, you should think of getting it implemented within the site.
In overall, you can hire WordPress development services India and ensure advantages from web design hacks in a time where the level of competition is growing a lot. This will help your website stand out from the crowd and have the much-needed boost for conversions.
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