How To Undo Sent Emails On Gmail

How To Undo Sent Emails On Gmail
As we advance in technology, more upgrades and features are added to the sites we regularly visit and this seems to be a newer update.
If you mistakenly send an email to someone through gmail or send an email and discover that you didn't upload a correct attachment, then you don't need to panic as Google had gotten you covered. This feature is only available in the updated version of the Gmail web version and version 8.7 or newer of the Android Gmail app, iPhone and iPad applications.

How To Recall A Message In Gmail That's Already Sent

If you want to recall any email after mistakenly clicking the SEND button, all you have to do is to follow the steps below.
However, you need to be fast because the option clears within a few seconds and the mail will be sent. So let's get going:
- Type your mail as usual
How To Undo Sent Emails On Gmail

- Hit the send button and look at the button left corner of the browser, you'll see something similar to what I circled below.
How To Undo Sent Emails On Gmail

That's just it, you can head over to your Gmail to test it out now. Remember it works with time, so you need to undo fast before the option removes.
This new option also means that mails sent will be delayed for a few seconds, but that's cool too because it can save you from a lot of damages.
In summary, the new feature is to help the users of the Google mail to retrieve permanently mails easily. It's also available in the Android and iPhone apps.
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