How to Start Making ₦200,000+ From Hair Attachment Business In Nigeria

How To Start Hair Attachment Business In Nigeria
Hair attachment business is another very lucrative business that on can venture into with a little capital.
Every woman wants to look good and attractive and to achieve that, one important part of the body they take proper care of is their hairs. Ladies, unlike the guys do not mind spending thousands of Naira on their hairs just to keep up with the trends.
This has made the hair attachment business a very lucrative on in Nigeria and other parts of the world. One good fact about the business is that it requires a minimal capital to set up and virtually anyone can venture into it irrespective of sex.
If you want to venture into hair attachment business in Nigeria, below is a run down on the steps and requirements for the successful running of your business.

How To Start Hair Attachment Business In Nigeria

Starting a hair attachment business in Nigeria doesn't require a lot of things, but you need to understand how the business runs.

Different Kinds of Hair Attachments Available

The first step you need to take is understanding the different kinds of hair attachments available in the Nigerian market.
The hairs come in different sizes, makes, lengths and colours and as such, different costs. It is very important that you become accustomed with the important aspects of hair attachment business.
This is necessary because your customers have different hair needs and your ability to meet up with these needs makes you an authority in the business.
Some popular ones include:
• Human hair
• Brazilian hair
• Amigos attachments
• European hair
• Peruvian hair
• Expression attachments
• Indian hair,
• Wigs

Requirements For Starting A Successful Hair Attachment Business In Nigeria

In running a successful hair attachment business, you need to understand the nitty-gritty of the whole business. There will be a need for you to rent a shop for displaying your wares. You'll also need to advertise your business in order to attract new customers to your shop.
Below is a rundown of all the requirements for running a successful hair attachment business in Nigeria:

• Get trained

Before launching your business, endeavor to pass through the necessary training that will help you get accustomed with the business. It'll help you know the different types of hair available in the market including their names, where they are made, what they are made of and their inches.
Getting trained will also help you to understand how the market works including adapting to the trends. It is important in showing your clients how good you are in the business.

• Do a feasibility study on hair attachment business 

There is need for you to understand how the hair attachment business is being run and ways of beating your competitors. Map out means of getting customers and stick to them while adapting to the current trends in the industry.
Also you need to know how much capital is needed after calculating things like rent and cost of purchasing the products. Your feasibility study will also reveal how much turnover you'll be expecting after a business year. 

• Your capital

The amount of money you invest will determine how much profit you'll be expecting. For example, if you invest ₦500,000 in the purchase of different varieties of hair attachments, you'll stand a chance of making a profit of around ₦300,000.
You'll make more profit if you combine the sales of other related products like relaxers, hair creams, weavon, weavon stick, weavon oil, combs, needles and other products. These products will also help in attracting people to your shops.

• Keep your prices moderate

One of the major secrets for beating your competitors is be keeping your prices moderate. Endeavour to set your prices well so people will have a good reason to patronize you.
Offering the best quality at affordable rates will go along way towards giving you recurring customers.
In conclusion
Excelling in this business involves a lot more than just buying a selling of your products. If you follow the guidelines above, you'll in no distant time grow far above your competitors. You can also increase your sales by running online adverts and delivering online across many states.
You can buy the hairs from different reliable online and offline shops. Buying them as a wholesaler will make it cheaper than the traditional market.

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