Autos | 5 Things You Do Everyday That Are Gradually Destroying Your Car

5 Things You Do Everyday That Are Gradually Destroying Your Car
Cars are pretty affordably nowadays and almost every family own one or more. In Nigeria for instance, you can get a car for your social and financial level.
There are cars for the big businessman, the extravagant entertainer, the civil servant and the average trader.
Of course, those 'houses on four wheels' are one of the owners most valuable assets. They save a lot of money, stress and even insults, as you do not have to struggle in public taxis anymore.
No wonder we all are hustling to own ours, and those who are mobile already don't ever want to hear something bad about it.

However, there are things we do everyday that negatively affect our cars. Most of them are done out of sheer ignorance, the rest because we feel they do not matter and even more out of carelessness.
Remember the popular quote that a stitch on time saves nine? Well, it also relates to our vehicles. A trip to the mechanic on time saves you more money and...
So these habits are habitual, and we commonly see them. If you can change, in the next few months you'd really be thankful you did, and I hope you will.

Things You Do Everyday That Are Destroying Your Car

Some of these things are very common, and we are guilty to them.
They include:

• Habitually Driving With Low Fuel

You shouldn't be driving your car around if you do not have up to 2 litres of fuel in it. Fueling your car regularly will help prevent it from using the old, mucky fuel which have been at the bottom of the fuel tank for long, as they destroy the engines and also cause clogged filters.

• Driving With Poorly Inflated Tyres

How about you start taking good care of your tyres? I already talked about how these things could put your lives into serious risks in a previous article.
Generally, proper inflation of your tyre is very essential to the overall safety and performances of any automobile. Poorly inflated tyres could pose a safety risk, as well as damage the car. Always make sure to check the pressure of the tyre with a manual pressure gauge to stay safe.

• Suddenly Starting And Stopping

Maybe you didn't know, but suddenly starting and stopping of your vehicle puts a lot of pressure on the braking system and rotor's internal system, significantly increasing fuel consumption.
So you should take your time to break, and always remember that you aren't rushing anywhere. It's better to be late than late!

• Failing To Decelerate At Potholes And Speed-Bumps

Potholes, speed-bumps and other blemishes on the surface of the road can seriously damage the its undercarriage parts and suspension, especially if you fail to reduce your driving speed when passing over them.
It's always very advisable to slow down and drive carefully when passing such areas.

• Neglecting Routine Maintenance

Remember that they always say prevention is better than cure. Regularly scheduled maintenance practices, such as carrying out inspections and fluid chances are very important for your car's performance, longevity and general safety.
Always make sure you have it serviced to avoid uninterrupted breakdown. It is recommended to visit a professional when you send your car for servicing as they have professional tools like automated dispensing systems from special manufacturers such as Technodigm that can transfer accurate amounts of fluid into your car quickly. 

...and we will wrap up with that! Thanks a lot for reading along. What do you think? How many of these do you default?
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