5 Shocking Disadvantages Of Being Beautiful (MUST SEE)

5 Shocking Disadvantages Of Being Beautiful
Being beautiful is something we all try to achieve by the way we dress, our hair cut, our make-ups, and other things.
People say that nobody is ugly, but we all know that some people are so pretty even without Snapchat filters an makeups while others need things like that. We are all beautiful in our own ways and even the Bible says that "...we are all fearful and wonderfully made!"

All humans have  features that make them exception when compared to others. Some have good heights, some are dark, some have nice curves, some are slim and things like that.
All these features are good but come with some disadvantages which you might not have previously known about.

5 Disadvantages Of Being Beautiful

Maybe you are the kind of lady every guy wants to date, you have a nice dentition, sexy eyes, slim body, good height and friendly.
Check out some shocking disadvantages of being ugly you might be experiencing daily:

• You get too much attention

I'm a twin and I know how much inconveniencing attention can be atimes. I once went for a modelling audition and was selected without being informed. In not less than a month after the audition, the agency called and were like, that they purposely didn't inform us because they wanted to check if the praise they gave to me for being a twin entered my head.
I was like...lol, Sir I've been expecting your call since and wanted you to take your time in the selection process. We had to later join the modelling classes after our mates have had up to 4 classes. I later dropped the modelling because of some reasons though I'm still thinking of joining through another agency.
Assuming I wan't a twin, I might have been rejected or if accepted, started the classes with my mates. I knew being a twin gave me an upper have among my mates but it wasn't something to be so proud of like...I've been a twin all my life.

Being exceptionally pretty can put you in situations similar to the one above. People would treat you different from the others and in some cases, negatively different.

• Your superiors would want to date you

Being pretty also comes with another disadvantage of your superiors wanting to date you. It can be your pastor in the church, lecturers or bosses in your place of work. These old men know what's good and most of them though married, still enjoy hanging out with the 'fresh babes'.
It has an advantage and might lead them into promoting you in your place of work or dashing you extra marks in school if you succumb to their requests. But in the opposite case, it can lead to carry overs and you losing your job.

• Decent guys will be scared of you

A pretty girl will often be seen hanging around with different guys and she'll certainly adorn herself with expensive clothes, nice cologne and the best jewelries.
No decent guy will want to date a lady that moves around with politicians, CEOs, HODs, yahoo boys and other 'big boys'.
Another shocking disadvantage of this is that most if these  'big men' don't approach them for serious relationships, thy just want to sleep with them.

• Females beef you

Another disadvantage of being pretty is that other ladies will develop jealousy and want to beef with you. In my 200 level at IMSU I had a very pretty girlfriend and I knew other hostel mates where jealous of our relationship.
One of the days, my girlfriend's room mate met me in her absence and started complaining that the only thing she knew how to cook were noodles. I didn't doubt the room mate because I knew I'd tasted her food twice prior to the gossip and they were'not bad at all.
Scenarios like this are very common and it even leads to fight among the ladies. They can also go around spreading information that the girl is a prostitute or has slept with many guys.

• Prone to being proud

This is another common thing you'll notice among pretty girls. They get carried away by the attention they get and walk with their shoulders high as if the world cares.
This attitude in some cases make them lose their true love as they put preference over guys with flashy cars. Some of them prefer hanging out with sugar daddies and yahoo boys who buy them pizza and Shawarma in fast foods.

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