20+ Professional Advises For Every 25 Year Old Men (And Women Too)

20+ Professional Advises For Every 25 Year Old Men (And Women Too)
Hello guys, today we're coming with something quit different from what we've been talking about.
I stumbled unto an article on Quora and I think its worth reproducing here, since all of us are either under 25, 25 or even above. 
The advises below are worth passing and I bet you'd not want to deny your friends the privilege of reading it by not sharing.
And yeah, drop us a comment...w really love emm! Lol!

• Have at least 10 girlfriends before you settle down with one

Do you remember when we were kids and how we all wished to have our own mobile phones and other devices?
Well, what is happening now? We have our own mobile phones, laptops, cars and all those things we once dreamed of and you know, we all know that they are really no big deals.
No one is asking you to date ten (Lol..forget my caption), but I meant that you should actually have a taste of what it feels like to 'flirt', so you can actually know what your woman wants when she doesn't have the mouth to say them.

• Go for the money first, then do what you love a few years down the line

You would have heard people say that you should do what you love, so you can love what you do! How about you work now, raise capital and do what you love later on?
You would not want to be stuck as an upcoming artist in the next six years, or still going around clubs as a disk jockey, when you could have actually boosted your career if you had enough capital.

• Work out a lot for at least a year, it will stick with you for years, and you won’t have to continue to work out all the time

Imagine having a body that the ladies are 'rushing'. Haha... I know we don't say it, but we all love that. Truth is that there is a pride that comes with having an attractive physique and you only need little efforts to achieve them

• Don’t drive like an a**hole

Have you imagined having to hang your leg for six months in a hospital, treating a major fracture from something you could have avoided or even spending the rest of your life on a wheelchair?
We don't bargain for any of these, but they are really more painful if they could have been avoided.

• Don’t point out when someone else is wrong. Stand back and watch them bury themselves in their own bullsh*t

I used to argue a lot two (or something like that) years ago, but as I got busier with my career, I started to agree to peoples garbage.
You know, never argue with a fool, they'd drag you down to their level and beat you with experience and better still, don't be the f...!
When people say things like the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, you just say...huh, yea bro, I agree perfectly!
Moreover, some topics like religion, LGBT, feminism and bla bla bla are just there to drain your energy, while no winner comes out from the arguments. Avoid them like the devil!

• Don’t make fun of others less fortunate, rather help them if you can

How would you feel like if someone made fun of you for something you can basically not change? We did that when we were kids, but bro, we're all grown up.
Let's man up and pursue the $$ rather than mock the less fortunate.

• Be brutally honest

You're no more a kid, let your yea be a yea and vice versa. Forget about people publicly supporting scams and scammers, our economy isn't an excuse for crime.
How would you feel like if someone gets hold of your credit card and spends them at will, purchasing exotic vehicles and chilling in top hotels? 
Well, that is exactly how your 'clients' feel when you scam them but how would you know?

• You CAN be anything you want, however it may take several years to get good at it

A step at a time, a step at a time and you can get to where you want to be. Look back at three years ago, and you can be sure you're no more where you were.
All you need is consistency and diligence, and you'd soon get to the top!

• If you have to use drugs/ alcohol, use it in moderation

I'm not into drugs and alcohol, but I've heard a lot of sad tales concerning the addicts and would never want you to get locked into them too.
Just do your thing but with caution, and I wish you the best!

• Pick something that you want to achieve in one year, in five years, in ten years. These are goals. Work towards them even one little 10 minutes a day working on a goal, will get you there

You got the message right? Keep a diary or journal, record your goals, set targets, discipline yourself and keep to them.
Rather than watch action movies, why not read a Brian Tracy's book? You can even get them free or at very affordable rates online.

• Look people in the eye when you talk to them

When you are talking to people, always make constant eye contacts. It builds confidence and gives the impression that they're getting your full attention.
You'd not want to be talking to someone who's looking at a Mango tree behind you!

• Avoid crimes by all possible means, avoid crimes!

Imagine being paraded in court for rape, something you didn't even enjoy...Lol! It could cost you somethings in the future like a political ambition, your life partner or even an AMERICAN VISA!
Nobody would love to associate with a fraudster, rapist, thief or even ...criminal!
Moreover, you'd not want to spend your next thirty years behind the bars and when you are out, you're already fifty+.
What would you achieve then?

• Listen to people when they talk to you and don’t just wait for them to be finished talking. You can’t learn anything by talking

Sometimes (and most times) you have to be the audience. Remember you already know what you want to say, but you do not know what they want to say.
Pay attention to people, read books and blogs, listen to audios and radio, watch good movies, YouTube videos and so on, and you'd be wiser everyday.

• If you use power tools, make sure you are using them right, always use eye protection

I think the eye is the most important part of the body, you have to take the most important care of it. Blindness isn't what you can wish your enemy.

• Be nice to your mother and father

They're not staying too long with you, take care of them as they took care of you (and even better). Buy them gifts, hug them tightly, wish them on their good days and you'd feel better everyday!

• Don’t ever be a bully to those weaker than you

You are not the strongest, neither are you the weakest. Never bully those weaker than you cos karma is real.
It might bounce back in another way and uhh, you'd never want that!

• It won’t kill you to go to church. You will find more connections and people you want to meet there than on the street or in a bar

Many of us are guilty of this...Lol! I know how difficult it is to wake up on Sunday mornings, but also know how refreshing it is to have attended service.
Join a local church, be an active member and watch your life getting better.

• Most important; get in the habit of making money

Make it a priority, not just a job you have to go to but a way to get money. Make getting money one of your primary skills. Try to save some if you can.
One of the best ways to show your unborn kids you love them is to make them have a rich dad!

You know? We'd not be too long in 25, at longest 366 days!
Make good use of the age, and don't forget to drop us a comment and share to your friends as promised!
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