How To Start Making Up To ₦300,000 Monthly From Nylon Production Business In Nigeria

Nylon Production Business
Nylon production business one of the very lucrative businesses one can venture into without much capital.
It involves the production and sales of nylons both commercial and domestic purposes. Nylon is so popular that virtually everyone has something to do with it. Whether you're shopping in the regular markets or shopping malls, whether you buy edibles or cosmetics, they all will b packaged with a nylon.
The local delivery man uses a nylon, even water is packaged with a nylon. This is to show you how good of a product it is. Before we proceed, let's take a look at some benefits of nylon business.

How Profitable Is Nylon Production Business In Nigeria?

Nylon production business is a very lucrative business that virtually anyone can venture into. There is a high demand for the product in Nigeria that you won't have to be scared of generating sales.
According to InfoGuideNigeria.com, Nigerians spend more than ₦50 billion annually on nylon purchases.

One good thing about this product is that it's not seasonal, that is it booms throughout the month. In case you don't still understand what I mean by seasonal, let's check out this example.
Something like fruit business is seasonal because you can't trade on a particular fruit though put the year. Right now in some eastern states you'd see many traders dealing on mangoes but in a few months they'll switch to oranges.
There are also many other businesses that is like that, some boom when students start getting admission into the various universities while yet many others are for the secondary school leavers who want to check their WAEC, JAMB or NECO results.

Nylon business is also not so capital intensive. In fact, if you don't have enough capital you can start as a wholesaler and buy the machines when the profits start rolling in.
Although there might be a lot of competition in this business, you can still sell your products due to the high demand. Nylons are disposable and most traders use them.

Types Of Nylon You Can Sell

Almost everything in the market can be packaged with a nylon. 
Here are some types of nylons you can start producing:
• Bagco bags
• Polythene bags
• Santana bags
Pure water sachets/bags
• Laundry bags

How To Start Nylon Production Business In Nigeria

Venturing into the nylon business doesn't require much, just the necessary equipment and a good space. 
Let's run through some equipment that are needed for running a nylon business in Nigeria:

• Get the necessary machines

Having made us your mind that you want to venture into nylon production business, below are some machines that you'll need for running your business successfully:
  • Semi-automatic nylon cutting machine: This is for cutting the nylons in rolls and its the most important machine that you'll be needing. 
  • Punching blades: This is for printing designs on the bags and you can choose to ignore it. 

• Get the raw materials

Some raw materials that you can use include polythene, ecorene, lupene and polyethylene. Most of them are by-products of petrochemical processing and can be gotten from refineries.

• Get your capital

I should have listed this as number one because it will be used for purchasing the machines and raw materials. Depending on your area, you might be needing from ₦30,000 to ₦50,000 to set-up your business.
You can raise the capital by borrowing from your family and friends, collecting loans, or your personal savings.

• Get a shop space

You won't be needing a place as big as an event hall or a church auditorium/mosque, just a nice and spacious place for producing and sampling your products.
Although some people produce theirs at home, getting a shop near a market is always advisable so customers will reach you easily.

• Do some research

Before finally launching your business, conduct some research to know what and what will be involved for the success of the business. Also, plan on you your target audience will be and map out ways of reaching out to them and also beating your competitors.
Developing a business plan will also help you achieve success in your business within a short while. 60% of failed businesses did so because of improper planning so avoid rushing into any business without planning.

• Launch your business

You can now start running your business and distributing them to your customers. You can get new customers by offering discounts. No matter how little thee discounts are, people will still rush them.
You can also contact pure water companies and shopping malls with good offers. I know the already have their distributors but believe me, they also love discounts like you.

These are some of the things required for any Nigerian thinking of venturing into the nylon production business. If you need a business plan on nylon production business, you can contact us for that at only ₦10,000.
You can drop us a comment if you need any help and also, don't forget to share with your friends.
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