How To Start Detergent Production Business In Nigeria

How To Make Detergent Powder For Business
Detergent powders are on of the most commonly found and most used household products.
There are many popular detergent brands in Nigeria and some of them include Sunlight, Klin, Ariel, Good Mama, Omo and Wow. These brands have been existing and are making good money from the sales of these domestic products.

How To Make Detergent Powder For Business

Venturing into detergent production business will be an amazing source of income and good a thing...starting t doesn't require much. Just like the bleach production business, you can make more than ₦100,000 monthly from producing and selling detergents in Nigeria.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Produce Detergent

The first step in making money from selling detergent powders is by knowing how to produce them. The ingredients needed for the production can easily be gotten from the local markets around. 

Things you need:

Some things you'll be needing for the production and their measurements:
• Colourant/dye  (as desired)
• ¼ kg of Ammonia solution
• 4 cups of palm kernel oil
• 2½ kg of caustic soda
• ½ kg of hydrogen peroxide (catalyst)
• 1½ kg of soda ash
• Perfume (this is not compulsory but VERY NECESSARY)

Steps On How To Produce Detergent Powder In Nigeria

After getting the ingredients, you can then proceed to the production proper. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to do so:
• Pour five litres of unsaturated fatty acid oil into a bucket (a big container of 30 litres will be okay)
• Measure around 5 litres of caustic soda into ANOTHER bucket
• Add the colourant or dye into the bucket. You can add your perfume at this stage if you'd using any. Using a perfume is necessary because most people enjoy nice smelling detergents.
• Add soda ash into the mixture. You can also add hydrogen peroxide at this stage to act as a catalyst.
• Add sulphuric acid to the mixture
NOTE: At this stage, the mixture will begin to harden and break down and you've got to be quick with whatever you intend adding next. If you haven't added the perfume and colourant, then you have to do so fast.
• The next step will be to turn the bucket of caustic soda into the mixture
• Add ammonia solution to help reduce the heat
• The final stage will be to dry the mixture. It can be under the sun or in an oven
• Once completely dried, grind it into a powder and your detergent is set

How To Market Your Detergent

Congratulations, you've successfully produced your first detergent powder. You can then proceed to the next and another very important stage of the business which is selling your products.
It involves three stages:
• Branding: This involves creating and growing a reputable brand. Many people make the mistake of selling their detergents without packets. It might actually be cheaper but doesn't give your customers an avenue for reaching out to you whether for complaints or for ordering more of your products.
You should also endeavour to register your business name as it'll contribute a lot to the streamless running of your business.
Pricing: As a start-up, your pricing pricing should be good enough to lure customers to you. Be conscious of the fact that you are entering an already dominated market and people will need a reason to leave their brands for you. 
Promotion: This is another very important thing any entrepreneur shouldn't toy with. There are many ways of advertising your business for free in Nigeria and you should check them out.
You can also employ the use of paid advertisements like online ads, radio and tv ads, newspaper ads, banners, posters, billboards and many more.

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