Tech News | Huawei Wins Best 5G Core Network Technology Award In London

Huawei Wins Best 5G Core Network Technology Award In London
China based tech company, Huawei's 5G Smart Core Network solution has won the award for the 'Best 5G Core Network Technology' 2019 at the 5G Global Summit held in London.
The company's 5G smart core network is based on a native cloud, connection + edge computing technologies and is the first in the industry to truly support 2G/3G/4G/5G NSA/5G SA deep integration.

The OS supports a software-based three-layer decoupling, cross-DC deployment, stateless design, grayscale upgrade, micro-service and other key technologies.
Based on a distributed architecture with transfer separation, the core supports one-stop user-side plug and plays, scheduling heterogeneous on demand and also supports edge computing for fast integration with third-party applications.

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According to Huawei, they have optained a total of 46 5G commercial contracts all around the world as at June 2019, and have also carried out a series of cross-industry cooperation in the fields of car networking, smart grid, telemedicine, VR/AR and intelligent manufacturing.
Adding to that, according to an analysis from the IPLytics, a patent analysis firm, as at March 2019, Chinese manufacturers patent application for 'standard essential patent (SEP)' in the 5G field accounts for 34% globally and Huawei ranked first in the world.

Though the company is still facing sanctions from the United States government, it is still managing to keep its feet on the ground.
Truly, necessity is the mother of invention.
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