Top 7 Easiest Ways To Make ₦150,000+ Monthly As A Blogger

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Let's leave our regular blogging for passion talk for now, every bloggers' dream is to make a living from their websites and blogs.
You invest a lot into writing, advertising and managing the site and it's really a sad, but normal occurrence that many of us do not end up living our dream lives.

A few days ago, one of my blog readers messaged me on WhatsApp.
Our chat went this way:
Reader: Hello sir, good afternoon. I read your article on blogging, and to be frank it's really interesting.
I am *Smith (not real name) the owner of *www.example.com (not real site). AdSense refused approving me and I'm really confused, how else can I make money from my site aside Google AdSense?
Me: Hello Smith, there are a of ways to make money blogging without Google Ads. I haven'e been using them since October 2018, and I make $500+ monthly from my site.
Reader: Wow...OK sir, how else can I make money from my own site?
Me: I sell products and services, run affiliate promotions and also get sponsored posts and adverts. These alone can feed you as a blogger.
Reader: Please help me...
How will I start getting sponsored posts on my blog?
Me: It depends on so many things, especially your traffic, Alexa ranking and domain authority. I get close to 20,000 daily page views and so it's a win-win for advertisers.
Reader: Wow...sir how can I increase my traffic?
Me: How many articles do you write a day?
Reader: I publish one original article a week.
Me: hahaha... that's around 60 articles a whole year? I publish 5 original articles a day. That is close to 25 a week, and we have two other authors.
(let me cut from here)

From our chat, you see the major problems we face in this part of the world, we want to earn from blogging but we take it like a side hustle.
The truth is that, except you have a lot of money to invest, you have to write so well to get very good traffic. Check the established blogs in your niche, most of them have more than four authors and publish consistently, some up to 20 fresh contents a day.

Well, I have heard so many bloggers say things like you should blog smart, and write evergreen articles, so you do not have to write everyday.
Imagine blogging 'smart' and writing one article a day, after doing proper keyword researches and so on, you get 10,000 daily views...
Awesome write?
Wouldn't it be smarter to write twice and get maybe 18,000 page views and then thrice and get 26,000 pv?
Motivational speakers won't tell you that...

Ok let's go on. After all the writing and making of videos, the aim last last is to make money! I don't think blogging is fun except you are getting alert and you know, paying the bills.
It is far easier to make money as a blogger than to make money from a shop in the busy Onitsha Market.
I have been blogging since 2016, and I made my first money from the internet the same year I started.
It is really cool, you write, money enters your account, then you go withdraw and spend, no one bosses you around.
However these dreams do not come on a platter of gold, you need a lot of hard work, and even bigger 'smartwork'.
Making money from blogging is very easy, but you have to embrace multiple monetization strategies.
Assuming you own a fashion blog, then you sell your own clothes there, and also do affiliate marketing, and then have AdSense, you'd be making money from every user.
You can also get good traffic to yourself using these top 10 free traffic sources.
After getting traffic, then you start thinking of making money from the site.

How To Make Money From Your Blog As A Nigerian

Before we go on, if you want to learn blogging from the professionals, visit THIS PAGE now! 
Some of the easiest ways to make money from your blog include:

• Ad Networks

Advertising networks are one of the easiest ways to make money from your website. They bear all the headache, while you generate traffic.
The ad networks act as a middleman between you (a publisher) and the advertiser. One of the advantages of working with an ad network is that it saves you from the stress of scouting for advertisers.
Most ad networks per on either per click, per impression or both. Ad networks like Adsense pay on both per click and per impression basis while Media.net is strictly per click. If you get good traffic and want to start earning on per impression basis, you can also go for Mgid or Taboola.

• Selling of your products

If you have a physical product like wrist watches, t-shirts, books, shoes, gadgets, electronics or even soaps you can sell them on your blog. Also, digital products like eBooks, apps, music, tutorial videos, podcasts and more can also be sold in your blog. Activating automatic downloads in the case of the digital products will help maximize sales.
If you choose to sell physical products, you can decide to work with online shops like Konga, Amazon, Jumia who'll help you deliver or you make us of courier services. You can check out our list of the 10 best online shops in Nigeria, it'll help you in knowing the kind of physical products to sell in your shops.

• Selling of your services

If you offer any service(s), then your blog will be a great place of getting clients. Services people can pay you for include website creation, article writing, graphics designing, tutoring, branding of their items and so on.
If you make ₦2,000 for each service rendered, by the time you have 100, you'd have made ₦200,000.
How much do Nigerian civil servants earn? It's even easy, especially if you have well targeted audience, for instance, you run a fashion blog and help people brand their tshirts.

• Affiliate marketing

With affiliate marketing, you do not need to own your own products (and/or services). All you do is send customers to other people's own and earn commissions for yourself.
Now, if you run a tech blog, you can review a product, say phone and then give people a link to purchase it from Amazon. When anyone clicks through your link and makes a successful purchase, Amazon will give you a percentage of the money they spent.
With affiliate marketing, you do not need to have big capital or something, just review and refer, and then you make your own money.
I have written the top then best affiliate programs for beginners on this page.

• Dropshipping

Dropshipping is another business which Nigerians are rapidly moving into. In the business, you see a product on someone's site, and then you post about it on your own.
If the person is selling theirs ₦7,000, you might post that you sell yours ₦9,000 and then start advertising.
Once someone purchases the item from your site, you go to your source and place an order, imputing their address as the delivery address.
That's all! They get their products, and you make your gain without getting to touch it once.
If you want to know more about dropshipping, please visit HERE.

• Information marketing

Assuming you know something that others don't, you can package it into a video or ebook and sell to them. Preparing an ebook is very cheap, or even free if you know how to do your things.
The software for making of videos is very accessible, though the best are a bit expensive. Some go for as low as $35 a month and if you sell the products for ₦4,500, you could be selling 20 of it a month.
If you want to know more about information marketing, please visit this page.

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You get the site in 48 hours maximum. We do not back-out after creating, but would be there to guide you for at least 6 months, making sure you start making your own money. 
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