Planning For My Wedding | How Many Wedding Pictures Should I Get?

Planning For My Wedding | How Many Wedding Pictures Should I Get?
Wedding is one of the most important things unmarried people often look forward to. But then what is the most important part of it all?

If you ask me I will say the couple. Honestly, everything boils down to the two upon the sunset and everyone has departed. A wedding day is something that takes time to plan. In the course of planning, you will have to contact so many people, among them florists, important suppliers, and bridal boutiques among others. 
These individuals will constantly remind you of how imperative it is to get everything right. We cannot underestimate the significance of proper dressing. This is your day and you have to shine. It comes once and you will live to remember it.
While a photographer can perform minor wedding photo edits after taking pictures, it’s still better to pay careful attention to your wedding attire and makeup beforehand.

What about the quality of the food? Well, you do not want friends and relatives to murmur against you, and so you just have to give them nothing but the best food. And you have to ensure that you have the right kind of flowers that everything including the venue and the kind of dressing planned. But is that all? 
I mean – should these top your priorities? Well, they are just important as we have stated. But then are they significant than wedding photography? To think they outweigh the significance of wedding photos is a mistake in reasoning. 
Our question of interest here is - How Many Wedding Pictures Should You Get? To effectively address this issue, let us briefly discuss the importance of wedding photography.

Importance of Wedding Photos

I have often sympathized with couples who have limited budgets and opt out of wedding photography. Sometimes financial constraints may make it quite difficult to come by a photographer you really want your big day. 
How sad it can be to miss a photographer simply because you just cannot just afford one? But to put matters in the right perspective, such couples underestimate the significance of wedding photography. I mean photography is an integral part of the wedding and should be prioritized. 
I do not say it is the most significant thing, am saying it should appear among your priorities?
Well, photography should be prioritized and budgeted for some reasons. For instance, it is the most effective way of capturing your memories. It will always talk of your day, the greatest day never to be forgotten. Thus, if preserved well, your precious wedding photos will transcend through time. One great way of preserving them is by turning them into themed photo books.

I cannot imagine seeing couples who have nothing to show friends, children the grandchildren. You will always value and treasure these photos throughout your life. And by the way, do I have to tell you that the flowers you are putting ahead of wedding photography will wilt? 
Do you need to be told that your invites will be binned right after the occasion? Oh no! That cake will be eaten within minutes! Will, you always put on that dress? That will be a personal mockery. Well, I don’t intend to make you feel miserable, I only want you to optimize your budget. Yes, it is only one day but it carries a lot of memories. 

Let us summarize the importance of wedding photos into five.

• Captures what you may have personally missed

One of the major reasons why you need wedding photos is that they capture all the aspects of your big day. 
This includes the sessions you may miss because of interacting with guests or trying to coordinate everything for smooth running. 
The point is you are going to be quite busy, yet it is important to capture everything. So then, plan for wedding photography.

• Keeps an emotional experience

Good photographers will make sure they capture all the heartwarming as well as emotional shots you may otherwise not remember. 
Think of that pride before your parents’ eyes as they look at you fully dressed!

• Evade dodgy memoirs

You don’t have to be embarrassed by those awful snaps taken by friends or family members using their phones for your big day. A Professional photographer like Evengo will help you avoid such problems. The experience has to be very lively, not to mention the best.

• Sidestep stress from the big day

A professional photographer will take the most appropriate images but in a simple and easy manner. This relieves you from stress and allows you time to fully enjoy the day.

• The best way to keep your story

With wedding photography, you can relive the whole day right away from the early morning preparations up to the late evening toasts. These are events that characterize the story of your big day. Sadly, the day will pass quite faster and that is it is important to have something tangible you will always look back on and smile.
Incontrovertibly, wedding photography is so important and should always be prioritized. Is budget you big headache? Well, you can still shop around and find the best professional photographers at considerable charges.

How Many Photos?

If we go back to the question we asked at the outset – how many wedding photos should you take? Well, I don’t know how many you may want but there is no single photographer who will guarantee you a specific number of photos. 
The emphasis is often on the quality rather than quantity. A photographer can take even up to 10,000 photos in a period of 10 to 12 hours. 
So in response to the question, leave the issue of quantity to the photography and focus on the quality. The reason why you want a professional wedding photographer is quality. If all you want is thousands of hogwash photos then just hire someone cheap.
While so many photos can be taken, the chances are you will not get all of them. In fact, most of the wedding photographers cannot give you all the photos. Why would this be the case? 
For the following reasons:

• For photographers’ reputation

For a period of 8 hours, most of the photographers will capture around 5000 photos. But you will not be given all of them because errors are going to occur. Photographers themselves may make mistakes, or there could be equipment errors.

• Close eyes as well as unattractive facial expressions

You may become anxious leading to quick blinking. You know this is not photographers’ fault but receiving such photos can get you upset. That is why in most cases photographers take at least three photos.

• Lighting issues

Sometimes lighting may compromise the quality of the photos. Photographers will not prefer to give you poor quality photos to avoid risking negative reviews.

• A lot of similar images

We have already stated that photographers often capture 3 of the same photos. The result is a lot of duplicate images. The photographer will pick the best for delivery.
A wedding day requires a lot of planning. Wedding photography needs to be prioritized. 
It is the best way to safeguard your memories. How many photos should you take? The quality of the photos is what is important and not quantity. 
The photographer will take a lot of photos but will not give you all of them. Why? Because they want to keep their reputation. Have you ever uploaded a photo to the internet and someone asked you who the photographer was? This would mean two things – either the photo is quality or poor. To avoid negative ratings, photos that appear inappropriate are often discarded.

Thanks a lot for reading along. What do you think? Kindly drop us a comment and share to your friends!
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