9 Tips to Clean Your Colon Naturally From the Inside Out

9 Tips to Clean Your Colon Naturally From the Inside Out
Does your belly always give you a sense of disappointment when you look at it? Is your face full of pimples and acne problems?
Do you face a lot of digestive problems? Well, it is certain that you have tried different kinds of medications for all these problems. You might be taking the right medicines, but the original problem lies within your colon. A dirty colon may be the sole and primary cause behind all these problems. So, to eradicate all these problems, you need to clean your colon naturally. A natural colon cleanse is a process that helps to cleanse your body and detoxify it, which results in an improved digestive system.

Various Problems Associated with An Unclean Colon

Do you know that about 90% of the problems that are faced by the body originate in the colon? If your colon is not cleaned regularly, most of the essential nutrients that our body needs to get eliminated in the process of bowel movements. Diets including heavy carbohydrate, e.g., Meat, Dairy products, sugar, etc. always cause accumulation of waste materials and toxins in your colon which causes it to malfunction sometimes. Your unhealthy colon activities may also hinder the transportation of waste material inside the intestines, and hence, your waste is not properly eliminated from your body.
Interesting facts about your colon that you never knew about
Your colon is one of the largest and the most active muscles in the whole body. You would never believe that, but the colon is about five feet long. As the strong muscle gets used regularly, it is essential that you should exercise the colon on a regular basis. The food that you eat, may it be junk or healthy can even stay in your colon for about 12 to even 48 hours. Many of you might not know this, but the colon is never empty. It always holds something or the other. So you ought to have a clean and healthy colon to remove the toxins from the body effectively.

9 Ways That Can Help you to Clean your Colon Naturally

- Have a fiber-full Diet

Have a fiber-full Diet
First and foremost, and probably the most effective way to cleanse your colon naturally is that you add more fiber to your diet. The more fiber you consume, the higher will be the amount of roughage you intake, and this will help your body by improving your bowel moments every day. Fiber also softens the stool. It majorly contributes in the gentle rhythmic contractions and relaxations of the colon, a movement which is known as Peristalsis. Now, to add more fiber to your diet, you need to have a lot of fruits, vegetables, brown rice, flax seeds, etc.

- Boost colon movement through exercise

Exercising regularly and effectively can also help to strengthen your colon and thereby, clean it. The sole reason why exercising can help your colon is that physical exercise stimulates the digestive system and helps you to improve your digestion naturally, so indulge in a little yoga or cardio to clean your colon naturally.

- Eat more green and leafy vegetables

Eat more green and leafy vegetables
Eating greens help your body by adding fiber to your diet, and in addition to that, it also provides essential nutrients to the body which help to repair your intestines. The best leafy green vegetables which you must include in your diet are broccoli, spinach, kale, peas, and Brussels sprouts.

- Drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of water
Water is an essential compound that your body needs to function correctly. Your body is 70% water, and hence, your colon also needs water for adequate functioning. Water does not only improve the operation of your colon, but it also helps clean out any waste or bacteria that are in the colon. Try to have at least eight glasses of water every day to get a better functioning colon.

- Limit the number of dairy products

Limit the number of dairy products
Milk and other products hamper the functioning of the colon, and they worsen the symptoms of constipation. Try to refrain from consuming a lot of dairy products if you are having constipation; this will make your condition even worse.

- Limit or Avoid Alcohol

Limit or Avoid Alcohol
Always try to avoid alcohol and other drinks that have the slightest amount of alcohol in them. These drinks can reduce the amount of water your body absorbs, and it promotes dehydration. Alcohol can even hamper the functioning of your intestines, so try not to take any alcohol or limit the quantities. Do not drink beer, wine, whiskey, and other hard liquor drinks if you already have constipation.

- Have healthy caffeine

Have healthy caffeine
Drinking coffee and tea can be very beneficial to get a clean colon. Drinking lemon tea, green tea, and even ice tea can make your intestines and your gut pretty strong. Caffeine helps to produce bowel movements more effectively.

- Include fermented food in your diet

Another natural way of cleansing the colon is through fermented food. Fermented food contains good bacteria which help to strengthen your gut. Few examples of fermented foods that you must have in your diet are yogurt, miso, kimchi, etc.

- Get aloe vera juice on board

Aloe vera juice has a plethora of health benefits which includes promoting the growth of intestinal flora, consuming Aloe Vera juice can also do wonders for your colon like increasing bowel movements. Aloe Vera also has tendencies to act as an antioxidant which further helps you to cleanse your colon naturally.
A word of caution:
It is always advisable to follow any new diet or a change in your existing diet under the guidance of a dietician as there can be some side effects of intense cleansing like-
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Dizziness
• Cramping
• Electrolyte imbalances


The colon is one of the most neglected parts of the body, about which many people don’t even know about. Some people experience issues but are totally unaware of the root cause behind it. As per research, around 80% of the Americans suffer from colon related issues due to the presence of intestinal parasites in it. Therefore a little precaution goes a long way. 
Follow these effective ways by which you can clean your colon naturally as having a clean colon helps to improve your digestive system to a greater extent. All of the methods which are listed above, if done correctly and in an adequate amount are safe. In the end, having a healthy body and a happy mind is all that we crave for.
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