Dogs Can Help Cure Depression, New Studies Show

Dogs Can Help Cure Depression, New Studies Show
Do you have that empty feeling that you really can't help yourself? Well, you're not alone.
In Nigeria along there are more than 1.5 million annual cases according to researches by the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan.
Owning a pet, such as a dog can help you with depression to a certain extent. They're not medically prescribed...Lol, but they can help elevate your mood to a certain extent so you can go back to your normal.
Dogs Can Help Cure Depression, New Studies Show
How is this possible? These pretty animals are very fun to stay with, and of course, don't know what you're passing through so want to live at the moment.
They do not notice you have a moodswing, and would always want to play around even if you don't seem to want, and I think every victim of depression actually doesn't want to be left alone.

Well, that's not all...
• Recent studies have shown that petting a dog helps reduce stress, as you never get to see it as a job but a hobby
• They also ease loneliness, especially when you don't want to be around other humans, of course they aren't part of them.
Dogs never sulk being around, and even if they destroy your favorite dress, it turns into a joke in 48 hours.
• Dogs’ antics can make you laugh and you are unconsciously restored to your happy mood
• Having a dog to take care of would help you do other things that help the moment, such as taking a walk, exercising yourself, eating and taking your bath
• Looking at your dog can give you reasons to move on with life, like if I'm not here now, what happens to Jack?
• Dogs are very sensitive animals, especially the protection dogs for sale california and actually seem to notice when something is wrong (pardon my earlier statements, there are some dogs that are extremely intelligent)..
According to a Quora user, her dog would always bring her socks whenever she cried, because it knew that exactly made her happy.
It is a foreign dog anyways, and you can get one for yourself if you think you need it in your life.

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