Tech News | Huawei CEO Reveals Android Alternative, Claims It’s 60% Faster In Processing

Huawei CEO Reveals Android Alternative, Claims It’s 60% Faster In Processing
Things are taking on a new leaf as the CEO of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei just hints the first details of the firm's Android alternative.
According to him, the new operating system will run faster than Google's own OS, the Android.

Speaking more on the HongMeng OS, Ren further said that the device would be connecting across various smart devices, ranging from cars to mobile phones.
He made these revelations whole speaking to a French Publication, Le Point further stating that the devices would only have a processing delay of 5 milliseconds, which also means they'd be faster than Apple’s MacOS.

However this doesn't cover for the OS' severe lack of apps, as the CEO admitted that the HongMeng is yet to get an equivalent to the Google PlayStore.
This would mean the users might not have apps such as the Google Maps, Gmail and Chrome. There would probably be alternatives hitting the market soon as these apps are very essential, or users can use the web version for the mean time.

The development of its own operating system by Huawei is coming after tensions between the United States and China, leading to the world's second biggest smartphone maker being places on an 'entity list' banning it from doing business with US firms like Google.
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