Why Are iPhones Cheaper In Nigeria That Other Parts Of The World? The Reasons Might Surprise You!

Why Are iPhones Cheaper In Nigeria That Other Parts Of The World? The Reasons Might Surprise You!
If you are a bit conversant with iPhone decides and their prices, you'd have known that iPhones are basically cheaper when bought in Nigeria than most parts of the world, including the United States.
Judging from the exchange rates and cost of logistics, this shouldn't be so because the more products travel, the more expensive the become.
So how do our Nigerian retailers manage to get our own iPhones cheaper than the rest?
Well, this should be more than a mystery or magic! The last time I checked there were no iPhone factories in the country, meaning that all the iPhones we get here are IMPORTED!

How Do Nigerian iPhone Sellers Get Theirs Cheaper?

If they are imported, it means custom duties were paid as well as logistics fees, which also work together to increase the prices like any other imported products.
We'd talk about the two major reasons:

• Many of these phones might be 'stolen'

Did you always think they don't steal phones in the United States? You might be surprised to hear that those cheap UK and USA used iPhones you purchase might have been falsely obtained.
No one would tell you that, but looks more like the truth.
I remember speaking with an American friend, and I asked her the exact questions on why iPhones cost lesser in Nigeria than the USA, this was the first answer she gave to me.
If iPhones should actually come to Nigeria, they should be more expensive you know?

• Lying to the insurance companies

Aside the first reasons, this is something else people do. They go to the insurance companies and lie that their phones were stolen.
The companies will request for a valid police report which they'd bring, and then they will block the missing phones and replace it with a new one.
These people would then take the blocked phones to professionals who'd unblock them and make it function with the local country net work providers, and then ship it to countries with less transparency like Nigeria.
At the end you get an affordable iPhone, at the expense of the insurance companies. Stuff like these don't only happen among iPhones but also vehicles.

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