How To Start Aftershave Production Business In Nigeria

How To Start Aftershave Production Business In Nigeria
Aftershave is a very popular product that can be seen in most barbing salons in Nigeria and our homes.
It is usually applied by men after shaving to avoid rashes and bumps that appear in freshly shaved faces. The demand for the aftershave is high because of many reasons including the believe that it helps in rapid hair growth and prevents dandruff and other hair diseases.

How To Start The Production Of Aftershave In Nigeria

The aftershave is one product that the barbing salons can't do without because of its numerous importance. It is generally an alcohol-based liquid but can come in different forms like gel, paste or even in lotion.
There are many benefits of aftershave which include stoppage of bleeding caused by shaving, keeping of the skin pores bacteria-free, control of acne and it also has a soothing effect on the skin.

Business Strategies That Will Make You Succeed In Aftershave Production Business

To succeed in any business you need to understand the secrets of attracting people to your products.
Some things you need to do to succeed in aftershave production business in Nigeria include:

• Quality

Quality should be your priority if you want your customers to keep returning. We all at one point of our lives or the other decide to try new products probably based on other people's testimonies or advertisements. After trying our the products, what keeps us to it? Nothing other the the quality!

• Price

Since you're still new in the market, one of the easiest ways of winning new customers is by setting your prices moderately. Setting your prices higher than the other similar products will make your potential customers to stick to your competitors.

• Testing

Before releasing the new product for sales endeavour to test them properly to make sure it's working really fine. Remember different skins react to certain products and what goes for you might not go for another. Carry out series of research to ensure it works very fine.

• Marketing

No one will know of your new product without you first creating awareness. Create a good budget for your advertisement and make sure the banners are attractive and captivating. There are numerous online and offline advertising mediums that will help you reach your potential customers.

How To Produce Aftershave

Having looked at some of the things necessary for the success of your business, it's also very necessary for us to discuss how to produce aftershave.
We'll be sharing the materials needed for the product and steps on how you can do it.

Materials Needed or Producing Aftershave In Nigeria

• 4½ litres of methanol (it'll serve as the solvent/base)
• ¼ litres of phenol (it'll serve as the disinfectant)
• 1 sachet of menthol (it'll serve as the booster)
• 2½ litres of I.P.A (it'll serve as the solvent/carrier)
• ¼ litres of Perfume
• Colour

Steps On How To Produce Aftershave

• Dissolve the menthol in the methanol
• Mix the dissolved solution with IPA
• Add phenol to the solution and blend
• Add the perfume
• Finally, add the colour

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