Parenting | 5 Ways Your Kids Can Get Hurt Inside A Car You Never Knew

5 Ways Your Kids Can Get Hurt Inside A Car You Never Knew
Children are generally curious and derive joy in wanting to visit every place or touch very single object at sight.
As a parent, one of the things you enjoy is driving your children to schools, shops, festivals and other places. While doing this, you should also be conscious of the fact that the kids can get hurt while inside your vehicle.
Yes, you can be risking your kids life by driving them if you're not careful enough. When next your driving, watch out for these different ways your kids can get hurt and also out how to prevent them.
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• Seat belt entanglement

Your kids could get hurt by he/she pulling and wrapping the seat belt around his/her neck, waist or wrist. There is a locking mechanism in majority of seat belts that is activated when the seat belt is puled from the retractor. 
This feature helps during child seat installation but in occasions whereby the locking feature activates, your child might get stuck and encounter difficulties in freeing himself/herself.

To prevent this kind of accidents, endeavour to teach your kids how to use seat belts as much as they want to play with their toys. Also restrict your kids from playing in or around your vehicles in your absence.

• Opening car doors while driving

Some kids are so playful that they will even want to open your car doors while in motion. Your vehicle's doors are meant to be closed while in motion and opening them might case personal injuries or damages to the car.
You can prevent this by always using the child safety lock when you're driving your kids. Activating it is very easy, at least, easier than taking your damaged car to the mechanic!

• Sticking out head through the car windows

Sticking out head through the car windows
This is another very risky thing many kids do that the some parents ignore. Not restricting your kids from sticking out their heads, hands other body parts from the door windows might be putting them in a death trap. They might get hit by other road users, poles, walls or even trees.

When driving your kids, try your best to restrict them from sticking out their heads or you wound up the car windows to an extent. Also, lock the windows from the driver's side to restrict your kids from operating them as they wish. I'll recommend you check out this seat cushion for car.

• Heatstroke

Heatstroke is a condition caused by your body overheating as a result of physical exertion or prolonged exposure in high temperatures. Sometimes you might be tempted to leave your sleeping baby alone in your backseat to avoid disturbing him/her.
Do you know that leaving your baby in the car for a long period of time can lead to serious injury or even death from heatstroke? Yes, it's very possible even in the temperature is cool.

To avoid heatstroke-related injury, simply don't leave your babies alone in the car. Also endeavour to lock your cars when you're not inside to avoid the kids getting inside on their own.

• Power window injury

Your kids can get themselves injured with your vehicle's power windows. This can happen when  a power window closes to their finger, wrists or hand.
Power windows in vehicles have killed or injured thousands of children all around the world. KidsAndCars.org published the profiles of some of the kids that have been caught upon this tragedy and you can read them up yourself too. Perhaps it'll help you know how serious it is...?

Thanks for reading along. I'm sure you've learnt some extra tips for keeping your kids safe.What did I miss? Kindly drop them as comments so I can learn too!
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