6 Facebook Hidden Tricks You Never Knew Existed (Including How View Photos On Free Facebook)

6 Facebook Hidden Tricks You Never Knew Existed
Hardly will you see any African youth today that doesn't own a Facebook account. We use Facebook for chatting, posting photos, meeting new friends, businesses and more.
Have you ever thought of exploring other Facebook features other than the ones in your app? Facebook is making their app more accessible and convenient to people and with these special tricks, you'd notice how great the app is.

• Facebook via SMS for Etisalat

If you have a mobile phone that it's not connected to the internet, you can still post on the app without having to visit a cyber-cafe. To use Facebook via SMS you have to first create a Facebook account with the phone number.
This service is not done via USSD so you need to send an SMS to a special number for registration.
  - To upload a post to Facebook, simply send the message to 48767 and it costs ₦20.
  ie to post HAPPY SUNDAY simply send HAPPY SUNDAY to 48767
  - To upload a photo or video, simply send it as an MMS to 48667 and it costs ₦20.
To find out more about this feature visit this page.

• Facebook via USSD for MTN and Airtel

This is another alternative to the SMS and it's available to all Airtel and MTN users. It helps you do more than just updating status, you can chat, view notifications, post on friends' walls, update statuses and even view, like and comment on your friends posts.
Airtel users can activate this service by dialing *688# and choosing a subscription plan. The available subscription plans include:
  - ₦100 for the monthly
  - ₦25 for the weekly, and
  - ₦5 for the daily
You can unsubscribe from the feature by dialing *688*22#.
On MTN, this service is called quick Facebook and can be activated by dialing *510#. The subscription plans are the same with the Airtel and you can get:
  - ₦100 for the monthly
  - ₦25 for the weekly, and
  - ₦5 for the daily

• Facebook free mode

This has been available since 2017 and it's avilable to MTN, Etisalat (9Mobile) and Airtel users. You can also access it if you're using the Facebook WiFi.
To access in on any of the supported networks, simply download the Free basics app from Google playstore or other app stores. It can also be gotten from the official website.
You can also access it from your browser by dialing:
  - Internet.org (This is to access all the websites already registered in the free basics platform)
  - 0.freebasics.com
  - free.facebook.com (this is if you want to go straight to the Facebook)
Most network providers that support the free basics give their users upto 20MB per day to visit all the websites available in the free basics platforms. 
• See photos in the free Facebook
This is another trick that is worth knowing.it works ones for every Facebook account so once you use up yours, you'l have to either browse without photos or subscribe your line.
  - To start using this, simply go to your setting and click on deactivate your Facebook account.
  - Answer all the questions and choose to permanently deactivate the account.
  - Facebook will give you an option of continuing with the deactivation process or using Facebook without data and still seeing photos for 1 month.
  - I guess you never planned on deactivating your account, so choose the other option and start surfing the net free of charge.
• How to hide your status from certain people
This feature has been available for ages but I think many of us still need to know it. This feature will help you restrict certain people from seeing your statuses,
For example if your colleague is constantly gossiping about your posts, you can us this feature to make him/her to stop seeing them without using block button.
To do this, simply post the status and click on the privacy option. You'll see three options written:
  - Public
  - Friends (+friends of tagged)
  - Friends except (+friends of tagged)
Simply click the third option and select the friend(s) you want to stop seeing your status.
• How to stop seeing someone's status without unfriending the person
You not how annoying some friends can be. They post boring status and still get angry at you when you remove them from your friends list.
You can do this by simply visiting the person's profile and selecting the unfollow option. You can now scroll through your newsfeed without seeing those annoying posts. Occasionally you can visit the person's profile to view and like the posts yourself.

I bet you're favorite social network is now sweeter with all these features. Don't forget to drop us a comment and share with your friends. Also checkout the most affordable Airtel data plans and their subscription codes (including how to get 2GB for ₦500)
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