5 Helpful Tips In Removing Your Menstrual Cups

5 Helpful Tips In Removing Your Menstrual Cups
If you're already a menstrual cup user, we don't have to tell you why it will alter your life if you switch to a cup. The modest cup revolutionizes menstrual management, cute, compact, and eco-friendly. It takes some time to figure out the best way to use your body's cup, so don't stress if you still get to grips with removing it. Most of the women use Daisy Menstrual Cup because it has a variety of sizes that helps you to choose what suits you. 

Find out precisely what to do if you have difficulty removing your cup and how to use your cup correctly in the future.

How To Remove The Cup If It Gets Stuck? 

It may sound terrifying and hopeless, but don't worry. Breaking the seal is the most significant thing. If you have difficulty removing your cup, there are two things you can do which are breaking the seal and press the rim. Most menstrual cups consist of the following components: rim (with air holes) – seals the cup and avoids leakage, stem – useful for removing the cup after and during use and medical silicone – this is the most prevalent material used in the manufacture of menstrual cups. 

Menstrual cups have a rim, creating a seal and preventing leakage. Your menstrual blood is gathered in the body. There is also a stem in menstrual cups, which is what you grip to remove from your vagina the cup. High-quality menstrual cups such as Daisy will also have air holes near the bottom to assist build and keep a seal around your vagina walls. This is preventing leakage.

• Squeeze The Base 

Your cup may have been too big to get a decent grip on. If this occurs, make sure to push down with your pelvic floor muscles until you get a proper grip on the cup base. Once you can feel pelvic, pinch the bottom of your cup until the seal break is felt and air enters the cup. 

• Press The Rim

If you find that it doesn't function to squeeze the foundation, then it's time to attempt to press the edge. You must relax the muscles of your pelvic floor and press firmly on the bottom of the cup top to allow more air to enter. This will enable you to remove your cup easily.

• Make It Easier Next Time! 

To get the most out of your menstrual cup, here are a few things you can do next time around to make removal simpler, clean the air holes, and adequately insert them. This may not have been observed before, but most menstrual cups have small air holes (although not all cups need them–it depends on the structure). These holes are intended to assist balance the pressure inside the cup and thereby prevent leakage. 

Making sure these are adequately cleaned is really crucial. If the holes are blocked, allowing air to enter the cup and crack the seal can be much harder. Learn how to wash your menstrual cup precisely. If your anything like us, inserting your cup may sometimes feel like smoothing it anywhere, it's going to go. 

But stop for a second (if you have to mid-smoosh) and make sure your cup has enough air to open correctly. This is essential for you to be able to comfortably carry your cup and crack the seal during removal with ease as well. 

• Practice Till You Make It! 

It may take a lot of getting used to learning how to use your menstrual cup, however, once you've got it down, you'll never look back. If you want to bring stuff back to basics, follow this easy guide. 

If you have trouble removing your cup in the unlikely event, don't worry! In the restricted space that is your vagina, it is physically impossible to lose anything. Your cup is going to come out, so just try to relax and follow the guide. Just remember what "cup" is going to have to come down.


You're on the right path to better menstruation now. Before removing the cup, wash your hands carefully. Find a cozy place that can be sitting on the toilet or the toilet or edge of a bath. Use your vaginal muscles for pushing the cup down. Spread the lipstick and discover the stem. Pull the stem softly until you reach the cup base. Hold the foundation and squeeze the cup softly. Try to hold it steady as you remove the cup and maintain it as high as you can. 

Drain the blood into the sink or toilet, water the cup and reinsert the cup if necessary. Now that you've read our menstrual cup manual, you're prepared to begin saving cash and make your periods a bit simpler. 

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