Tech News | GBWhatsApp Officially Closes Down, Here's What To Do Now

GBWhatsApp Officially Closes Down, Here's What To Do Now
Most WhatsApp users have been enjoying the so many benefits of the GBWhatsApp, which seemed not to be so welcomed by the official WhatsApp Inc.
The developers recently made the announcement available to the users;

*GBWhatsApp Shuts Down*
We are really sorry to announce that we have completely stopped the development of GBWhatsApp.
It was a great time with all you people.
Sorry for the inconveniences. Hence we have closed all the sites, social media accounts and everything.
There will be no further development.
Prior to this, the users have been suspended severally maybe in a bid to discourage the usage. 

What To Do Next

Since the developers have closed it down, there is almost no alternative. The WABusiness and the official WhatsApp are all available in the Google PlayStore.
Download them and backup your chats and photos, so whenever things like these happen again, it would be less a headache.

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