5 Factors You Should Consider While Hiring A Graphic Designer

5 Factors You Should Consider While Hiring A Graphic Designer
Many entrepreneurs underestimate the power of graphic design services.  When developing their websites.
The reason being they don’t understand the fundamentals of graphic design. Before hiring a graphic designer you need to first know your business goals. What amount have you set aside to carry out this project? You have to be conscious, frank, and honest about your graphic design budget. There is always that temptation of getting the best graphic designer to design stunning and excellent websites. The problem comes when you hear the cost. If your budget doesn’t allow you, settle for what you can afford and upgrade in the future.

The project’s timeline is also an important factor to consider. If there are time constraints, look for a graphic designer who is comfortable with your time frame and will deliver the project in the stipulated time. Don’t just take their word for it, go through their portfolio and see their average time of delivering projects. Another important thing to factor in is your target audience. This is determined by many aspects including age, demographics, personality, education level, moral grounds, religion, location, and more. You should also know what kind of emotions you want to evoke to your audience when they interact with your website. You can jot down a list of feelings to make it easier.

This helps in determining the right candidate in your graphic designing job. This is paramount for any successful online business. Graphic designing is more than just creating logos and business cards. A professional graphic designer has skills in creating wonderful designs that are in line with the company’s guidelines and a portfolio to match what he claims to offer. If you are about to develop a website or thinking of upgrading your current site, here are 5 tips for finding the right graphic designer.

1. Know your Graphic Design Goals

Before setting off to find a graphic designer you should first understand what you want to achieve in your business. If you are rebranding the entire business or company, a full-time employee would be necessary. Freelancers are preferred for short term projects like designing a logo or business cards. He can also have a flexible option of working inside the office or off-site.
If you want a cost-effective way of designing a website, then a freelancer is a perfect choice. However, an in-house graphic designer is perfect if you are just getting started and you have not yet found the right footing for your business. It may be costly, but the results are what matters. The designer needs to get acquitted with the company’s mission and vision to create a design that resonates around the brand. So, it’s good to make him part of the company to get that emotional connection. The goals can be short or long so ensure you understand what you want to achieve.

2. Check out Online Reviews

Reviews also allow you to make a good choice since they provide information about the candidate based on previous work. By reading reviews from past clients, you can gauge whether they will or not do a good job. If they don’t have positive or any reviews, it means they are not reputable. Any credible company will have reviews that can have positive or negative sentiments from previous clients. It is up to you to read and establish which ones are legit.
For a credible client that can deliver, positive reviews will outweigh the negative ones and vice versa. If you have any doubts, try linking their profile on Upwork, Guru, or Hubstaff Talent. These are reliable sites that provide relevant and reliable information about online freelancers. They do this by providing profile sections for organizations that have had projects done and rank them based on their performance using rating stars.

3. Analyze a Designer’s Skill Sets

 You can call it an interview. Your website is a valuable asset and you need to treat it as an investment. If you have this in your mind, you won’t just rush to hire a graphic designer who can’t give you a proof of his work. This saves you a lot of time since you can give the candidate simple projects before or as part of the interview.
You can include instructions on how to want the project handled based on the company’s branding guidelines. Give them a time frame of when you expect the work done. This can be a simple test of creating a logo on a T-shirt or designing a business card. Or, better still, you can ask them to redesign your company’s or business logo. If they do these tasks perfectly in the stipulated time frame, then it’s clear that they have enough experience to handle bigger projects.

4. Value over Pricing

 Don’t rush to get graphic designing services from a designer before evaluating the cost of projects overvalue. Some graphic designers will give offer you graphic designing services at inflated amounts that don’t match their value, especially freelancers who want to make some quick bucks and jump to the next project. It is always good to be knowledgeable about professional graphic design rates.
Do research first on designing rates online, before contacting a graphic designer. If you feel like the rates are on the higher end, find out why. It may be of the quality of the work and other value additions. Some designers may charge less, yet take a lot of time to finish projects. You may get the desired quality but if you have time constraints, it may not be a good idea to work with them.

5. Accessibility

When hiring a local designer it is always good to meet them face to face to focus business. You can learn a lot from their body language whether they are reliable or not. Having a physical office where they conduct their designing business is a plus to them. Any productive relationship is built on physical engagement and you can learn a lot by talking face to face. Don’t just rush to work with a total stranger whom you can’t relate with on a personal level as it may bring problems in the future. Trust is also built when you have physical access to your candidate.


To make your graphic work easier, you need to hire a professional graphic designer with the right graphic design tools. They have the expertise and the right tools to create awesome websites. However, you should also be careful when hiring them since not all of them can deliver the desired work. I hope that these five tips are beneficial and will help you make the right decision.
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