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Discover The Wildlife In Morocco
As a wildlife explorer, for me it was amazing to visit Morocco. To tell you the minutes of my travel is fun.
If you are fond of wildlife and want to visit Morocco to discover the really another side of the holiday destination, you will not disappoint to listen to my experiences.
There are a lot of Morocco holiday packages you will find on internet, pick for the one which offers you the exposure of perfect wildlife in Morocco. Search for the tickets during the March-June or July because these are the best days to get enthralled by the holidays I Morocco and discover the authentic sources of the nocturnal and wildlife in Morocco. 

Animals You Will Find in Morocco During Your Trip

If you are flying to Morocco and reading this text, you are gonna know about the first-hand experiences of a traveler, visited the destination few months ago. For you it would be easy to understand if I start with the Pets classification in Morocco. 
People are animal-friendly in Morocco and what I see during my trip to Morocco is:

- Moroccans Local and Tamed Animals

Marrakech is full of cats, not only this but in Major cities of Morocco, there is a great population of cats is living. I captured a lot of beautiful cats, single and couples. Cats with their little kids roaming around the city would bring a great experience. 
For me It was also haunting to see the harmed cats, maybe tortured or beaten by someone, these would be your common experiences so don’t worry.
Discover The Wildlife In Morocco
The second interesting animal I saw there was a donkey. When in the small towns, I experienced transmitting from place to another place on donkeys. 
Donkeys in Morocco are so cute, friendly and peaceful. What I saw in Morocco is a realtime slaughtering of Chicken. That was my first time looking for a man prepare the chicken to be cooked in maximum 5 minutes. It was strange. The bad aspect of hurting the animals is there but it happens.
Come, see another the very famous wonder of Morocco, Camel. 

This is the animal Arab, Sahara is recognized for. This is a very domestic animal. Camels are cute. When I landed at the international airport of Marrakech, I was in find of camels around. This was because I expected that this land is a population of Camels more than humans. People scared me not to ride the camel and associated a lot of stories with that stereotype. 
For me it was crap and nothing to do with the personal experiences. Those table and tea stories were wronged by my personal experiences in Morocco. When I saw Camels in Sahara, that was my favourite activity to ride the camels and roam around the red dunes of so beautiful Sahara. It was really amazing. What I listened about the camels that their milk is so healthy for all the ages, Arabs slaughter the camels, use them in their daily lives for transportation purpose and many more. I was gifted a wallet in Fez by y journalist friend there, he told me that the wallet is made up of the camel skin.
Goats I saw climbing on the trees in small town associated with Fez. That was another interesting exposure to wildlife in Morocco. Let me ask you a question here!

- Didn’t You Have An Idea Of Zoos In Morocco?

Yeah, your focus and interest are tested. You must visit the local Zoos in the metropolitan cities of Morocco to have a first-hand experience of the animals and creatures exists there in the region. What I found in Djema el Fna, the snake charmers having various types of snakes to show to the people. I saw a person dropped a monkey wearing a western dress and showing you the stunts. 
The people who carry these animals take care of these animals, teach them for the earning purpose. If you are in Morocco, you should visit the Zoo to explore more about the creatures of Morocco.
Discover The Wildlife In Morocco
Lions in Morocco are not very common but I saw a couple in Zoo of Marrakech. Both were cute and seemed to be taken care by the officials very well. Lions are predicted to be on the Atlas Mountains experts and locals say. If in Morocco, go to any Zoo to take the first glance on the lions in Morocco.

I was in find of the Moroccan fox there but it was told by my guide that there is no creature of original fox there. I stopped hoping and turned my focus on other animals like sandfish, which is like a lizard you see in the sands in Sahara. It can be harmful because of its bite so always be careful.
There are a lot of other experiences you will have in Morocco. This is a glimpse of my experiences in Morocco. I could write a little to give you an idea of what and where you can find in Morocco. Good luck!

Thanks a lot for reading along. What do you think? Kindly drop us a comment and share to your friends.
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