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How To Share A Whatsapp Photo Without Its Quality Reducing
Whether to save your data, increase speed in transfer of messages or reduce space consumed, we all can't tell why WhatsApp choose to reduce the quality of images we share to our WhatsApp contacts and groups.
All images we send via WhatsApp and Facebook are compresses, and the receiver won't be able to see something as 'sharp' as we sent on their own end.
Well, we have a solution, and it's a very simple one. From the time of writing this article, it is only confirmed to be working on Android devices, but you can still try it out on your iPhones and drop us a comment concerning the result.

How To Share Images On WhatsApp Without Having Their Qualities Reduced

It is a very simple trick, and has been confirmed to be working on all Android phones.

Now, while sharing your images, instead of the normal open a recipient contact > select the attachment option > choose gallery, then select a picture and send, do this:-
• Select the option of attaching a file, choose document, not gallery, 
• After that, choose the image from your local or secondary storage and share it.

It'll be sent to the person as a document, but viewable in their gallery. 
Now we can rock our high quality images and never have to use emails when a more handy option is available.
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