Work And Travel: Tips For Finding The Best Accommodation

Work And Travel: Tips For Finding The Best Accommodation
Working and travelling allow you to earn your living and get new experiences along the way.
It allows you to offset your travel bills without digging into your life savings. And because you have ample time to immerse yourself into new cultures and to explore different regions of the world, you are able to learn a lot and add to your existing pool of knowledge. And with the help of the internet, you can easily plan the itinerary of your trip, like you can check things to do in saugatuck and plan your trip accordingly.

That’s without forgetting the many international friends you make, friends who will come through for you in a big way in case you get stuck career-wise or otherwise. The work experience you accrue by working with people from different cultural and language backgrounds is also priceless. You always win when you work and travel. 

But working and travelling aren’t just about adventure and fun. You will need to overcome many challenges along the way, one primary challenge being accommodation. If finding accommodation in your home town is hectic, you can imagine how tedious it is to look for a good place to lay your head in a faraway land. It is good that you are shaping a world for yourself that has no borders, but to what benefit will that world be in your life if you don’t have a roof over your head? Here are 5 important tips to finding good accommodation abroad. 

1. Try offline accommodation

The idea here is to find affordable accommodation so that you can save enough money for adventure. If that is your idea too, don’t be carried away by the prominence of the internet in the travel and hospitality industries. Instead of finding accommodation online, whose costs are in most cases exaggerated, opt for offline accommodation because it is cheaper.
You will even get more information about their amenities when you contact Barbados Villas directly and not look for it on online sites.
You can directly contact the baitong hotel for booking your stay there, rather than going through some booking site.

Many people don’t know that there are still many players in the global hospitality industry who do not advertise their businesses online. Because they are not popular, you will rarely be overcharged here. They are also never crowded so you will have your privacy intact. Ask the locals (maybe your taxi driver) about such offline accommodation options. They are in plenty all over the world.

2. Apartments can be great as well

If you are feeling generous, find an apartment on Airbnb. Apartments are cheaper than mainstream hotels. In the event that you are travelling and working with a friend, an apartment is very practical because most of them are big enough to accommodate several people. If you find a two-bedroom apartment, you can always split the cost. What’s more, apartments have special rates that include offers for an extended stay. The longer you stay at the apartment, the cheaper it becomes. 

Also, you can easily find an apartment that has a full kitchen so you can self-cater on meals. And if you want to tweak things up to make your stay more comfortable, you can always refurbish the apartment the way you like it, including kitchen remodelling. You just need to liaise with your agent.

3. And vacation rentals

When you visit Florida for work, be sure to find a cheap vacation rental for unmatched privacy. Some rental homes in Florida have private golf courses and water parks and guess what; you will find one at less than half the price of an upscale hotel room. 

The amenities in most vacation rental homes are as modern and sophisticated as in hotels. They have Wi-Fi, home theatre systems, laundry services, private pools, and any other amenities that you like. All you need to do is find the right rental for your needs. All you need to do is find the right rental for your needs and dobi near petaling jaya for all your laundry services.

4. Stay away from the city

Hotels and apartments that are slightly outside of the city centre are always cheaper than those located at the heart of the city. If you are comfortable commuting or using public transport to and from the city, then, by all means, stay away from the city. 

Just be sure to research on the public transportation system in the area before settling, otherwise, your efforts to save could be counterproductive.

5. Leverage hotel comparison sites

Hotel comparison sites are all over the internet. Through them, you will know which hotels and hostels offer the cheapest and most ideal accommodation requirements for your specific requirements. 
You will always find a range of accommodation options in these comparing sites, from apartments, hostels, rental homes, to hotels- you name them. 


Accommodation is one of the major fixed travel expenses, so there aren’t many ways around it. You basically have to invest in good accommodation if you are to get the most of your working and travelling. The important thing is to find cheap accommodation that doesn’t jeopardise your personal safety and security. Always ensure that you save as much as you can so that you can have enough resources to explore your host nation when not on work duties.
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