Best Ways To Crack Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) In 2020

Best Ways To Crack Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) In 2020
The CCAT (Crack Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test) is a test that is used to choose the correct candidate for a particular position in a particular company.
Through this one can evaluate the critical thinking of a man. The things that are checked through this test are the following:
• Employees Critical Thinking
• Learning ability 
• Problem-solving
• Making a search for new staffs
The employees are judged on the basis of the above-mentioned parameters. There is an advantage for this CCAT test from the end of the employee and also from the end of the boss. The employee is not only tested through this test, instead, but they would also be able to make a great impression on the new boss. 

What Does CCAT Show?

Many have had this question in mind as to what does CCAT show or What does CCAT do in real? CCAT brings in the prospective employee for your business or organization

Firstly, a CCAT tests an employee’s grammatical and mathematical ability. Then the verbal reasoning skills will be put to test through CCAT. Finally, your spatial reasoning will be put to test through CCAT.
It is one of the basic pre-hire assessments you don't have to overlook.

Brief About CCAT

Taking CCAT does not take much time. Max to max this test takes 15 mins to complete. More intelligent employees complete this test is much lesser time. There is a total of 50 questions in the test. Whether or not, you will have to complete the 50 questions in 15 mins. No extra time would be given to slow candidates because it has been seen that people complete this exam in 10 mins too. The results of the test will provide you with a scorecard, as well as a percentile ranking, and relative ranking about other participants. 

The scorecard would help you to understand what is your strength and what kind of job would you be able to do. Your employer would also find out what could be the most relevant job position for you, as per the test is concerned.  

Types of Questions in CCAT

The 50 questions that you will be asked in this test will be multiple choice based questions. For example, such questions are given:

Sample Questions:

“Mike had a jar of nickels that had five more nickels than he originally thought. If the total amount of nickels was $4.35, how many nickels did Mike think he had originally?”

There are many such questions, which will test your cognitive ideas, I found this example so I brought this here for your references.

Prepare for CCAT Well!

As we have already mentioned earlier, preparation is the key. If you wish to appear for the CCAT then you will have to prepare well for your paper. However, there are some aspects in CCAT on which you should focus mainly and check how can you be better. 

Best Ways to Crack CCAT

The ultimate goal to crack the CCAT is to take a CCAT test and qualify it. But the effort lies in the fact that you will have to prepare for the CCAT test sufficiently before you prepare for the examination.

Read the Instructions

Usually in such exams where you do not even get time to read the question twice, under pressure do not miss out on the introduction. Nothing could be more dangerous than forgetting to read the instruction. Read the instruction carefully before starting with your exam plan strategy. 

MCQ based exams are actually much difficult than normal open-end questions. They tend to have similar options that confuse the test-takers more and they do not finish the exam on time. So, deal very carefully with the MCQs. Try to understand the meaning of the questions while reading it on the very first go.  

Know Your Strength

Make sure before appearing for the final CCAT test for your employer, try to take some free CCAT tests and try to analyse your strength. You must know your strength so that you know that even if you leave a few questions which could be wrong, you would be able to make it up in the questions of your strength area. 
If you fail to understand one question then avoid reading that repeatedly. Do whichever you can. Try to complete the test on time. 

Time Management

This is another major factor in a CCAT type of exam. Remember that you will have to complete 50 questions in 15 mins which means less than 1min to each question or we can say 3 questions in 1 min, which is like super-fast. If you have to complete this paper then you cannot afford to waste any time. You will have to use 20-30 seconds for each of the questions. Read the question correctly then with 20 seconds decide what answer would you want to choose for this particular question.

You Strategy for CCAT 

After taking the exam for once or twice or maybe thrice in free test samples, then make your testing strategy. Make a strategy for the CCAT, now that you know that you are excellent on some portion of the exam. They try not to make any mistakes in that section of the paper. 

For example, if you are not too well versed with mathematics, whereas you know you will be able to do the rest of the sections. Then do not spend time and energy on the mathematic portion. You can leave them and attend the rest of them. Take your best guess on the answer and mark something because unless you mark any option you will not be able to move to the next questions. 


There is barely anything that could be specially mentioned in the conclusion. All that I would say is that everyone working in the business sector must take the CCAT test at least once in the lifetime and see what exactly they excel in. Once you are able to identify your strength, you will be able to contribute to your business or organisation efficiently on your strength of specialisation.

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