Top 7 Publishing Companies In Nigeria

Top 7 Publishing Companies In Nigeria
This article will be listing out the 7 top publishing companies in Nigeria with their websites and office addresses.
There is a popular quote that “The best way to hide something from Black people is to put it in a book.” The rhetoric quote is something many of us have heard from our educators, politicians and even parents.
It usually spoken to motivate the younger ones to pick up their books and read. The originators of the quote did so with the belief that Black people do not want to read and possess some personal disposition to prefer ignorance over enlightenment.
This might have been true some years ago, but a lot have changed over the years. With the availability of different forms of media, including free libraries, an individuals unwillingness to read depends on the person and not the tribe.
Blacks around the world are making it in their various fields. A number of them are renowned scholars in the United States and other parts of the world.
Somebody like Philip Emeagwali won the 1989 Gordon Bell Prize for price-performance in high-performance computing applications. He is famous for utilizing the connection machine and 65,536 microprocessors to achieve 3.1 billion calculations per second. That was the fastest computational record as at the time of the invention.
Another prominent African is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the author of the bestselling book, 'Americanah'. She also has other books like 'Purple Hibiscus' and 'Half of a Yellow Sun' to her credit. 'Americanah' sold more tan 500,000 copies while 'Purple Hibiscus' sold more than 100,000 copies.
Looking at the figures above, you'd see that Africans read, and enjoy good books. No one should ever discourage you from publishing by telling you that no one would buy the books. You just have to work with a reputable publishing companies, and with the right marketing strategies, you're book will be sold out.

Top 7 Book Publishing Companies In Nigeria

Are you a bugging author still looking for how to get your book published in Nigeria? Kindly check out our article on how to write and publish a book in Nigeria. We shared information on all you need to know about writing and publishing a book in Nigeria whether through a publishing company or self-publishing and definition/advantages of ISBN.
Below are some of the top book publishing companies in Nigeria:

• Cassava Republic Press

Cassava Republic is a leading African book publishing company founded that was founded in 2006 by Bibi Bakare-Yusuf and Jeremy Weate.
In 2016, Cassava Republic Press became the first African publisher to open a subsidiary outside the continent, after it expanded to London, England.
Office address:
Cassava Republic Press,
9 Erie Close, Maitama,
Abuja Nigeria
Info: [email protected]
Sales & Returns: [email protected].

• Kachifo Limited

Kachifo Limited is an independent publishing house founded in 2004. With headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, Kachifo has proven to be one of the best publishing companies in the country.
The also have a portal for authors to submit their works online. They instruct authors to submit 10,000 words or the first three chapters of their manuscripts (saved in Microsoft Word), a one-page synopsis of the work, and a short author bio to [email protected]. To find out more bout it, you can visit their official website.
Kachifo Limited
253 Herbert Macaulay Way,
Alagomeji, Yaba-Lagos
Phone number:
0807 736 4217
Official website:
Info:[email protected]
Submissions: [email protected]

• Literamed Publications Nigeria Limited (Lantern Books)

Literamed Publications Nigeria Limited was established in 1969. They have their head office in Lagos, Nigeria with 10 depots across the country. They also have an office in Accra, Ghana.
1 Morrison Crescent,
Off Kudirat Abiola Way,
Oregun, Ikeja
Phone number:
+234 813 576 8791, +234 806 336 7604
info: [email protected]
Orders: [email protected]

• University Press PLC

University Press PLC was founded in Nigeria in 1949 as a branch of the British Oxford University Press (with the name Oxford University Press, Nigeria).
The name was changed to University Press Limited in 1978 after the company was incorporated as a public liability company.
It has since then grown into becoming one of the oldest and most experienced in the Nigerian publishing industry.
Three Crowns Building Jericho Ibadan,
PMB 5095,
Ibadan. Oyo State, Nigeria.
Phone number:
234-800UPPLCNG(234-8008775264) Toll free

• Evans Brothers

Evans Brothers (Nigeria Publishers) Limited is a Nigerian educational publisher that as established in 1945. It publishes a range of educational textbooks and learning materials (nursery, primary and secondary levels) along with some fiction and general publications.
2, Jericho Road,
P.M.B. 5164,
Ibadan. Oyo State, Nigeria.
Phone number:
[email protected]

• Parrésia (also Parrésia Publishers LTD)

Parrésia is a top Nigerian publishing company founded by in 2012 Azafi Omoluabi Ogosi and Richard Ali. It was established with the goal of selling books to the Nigerian reading audience and promote the freedom of the imagination and the free press.
Parrésia publishes its fiction and creative non-fiction works under four imprints: Parrésia Books, Origami Books, Cordite, and Omode Meta.
Parrésia Publishers Ltd
1st Floor Nelson Ibilola House.
82, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.
Phone number:
[email protected]

• Black Tower Publishers

Black Tower Publishers is a Nigerian publishing company which runs the mainline online and traditional publishing organization.
According to their website, they won't only publish you works, but will also aid you in selling a few copies, while giving you tips on how to pitch your books to be accepted by schools, libraries, prisons, etc.
Black Tower Publishing House, 
Plot 1, GRA, Awka.
Phone number:
+2349030331314 (SMS/Whatsapp only)

Other top publishing companies in Nigeria:

• The New Gong Magazine (TheNewGong.com)
• Grace Springs Africa Publishers (GraceSpringsAfricaPublishers.com)
• Bookcraft Africa (BookCraftAfrica.com)
• Zedek Resources Publishing Ministry
• ICIDR Publishing House
• SOS Publications
• Verbatim Communications Limited
• Babcock University Press
• Hoofbeat.com Nigeria Publishers

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